Valve’s Dota is getting its own Netflix anime series

Valve's Dota is getting its own Netflix anime series

Dota players have not received a new mainline game since 2013’s Dota 2, but fans of the extremely popular online game have a new animated series to look forward to. Title Dota: Blood of the Dragon, Anime will hit Netflix worldwide on March 25.

The project is being worked on by Studio Mir, the animation studio behind The Legend of Korra, Voltron: Legacy Defender and Season 4 of The Boondocks. The trailer above also states that it is being produced in collaboration with Valve, the publisher of Dota. Dota isn’t the only show that has a show of its own: Dragon’s Blood will compete with an anime set in the League of Legends universe released this year.

One Synopsis reads, “The sweeping fantasy series tells the story of Dawion, a famous dragon knight dedicated to erasing crisis from the face of the world.” “After encountering a powerful, ancient Alderwoom as well as the legendary Princess Meerana on a secret mission of her own, Davion becomes much larger in events than she had ever imagined.”

Dota, short to protect the ancestors, was a World of Warcraft 3 mod that turned into its own battlefield. Launched in 2003, it became a huge hit. A decade later, Wolves published Dota 2, an influential sequel, much played in escorts circles. In fact, one of the biggest export events is The International, a Dota 2 tournament that in 2019 had a prize pool of over $ 30 million.

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