Vakeel Saab teaser: Pawan Kalyan is the judge and jury

The teaser of Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming film Wakeel Saab was released on Thursday, which coincides with the celebration of Sankranti. The film is a Telugu remake of the Bollywood hit Pink, which dealt with the subject of consent.

In 2019, Ajith stepped into Amitabh Bachchan shoes in the Tamil remake titled Nikaraonda Parvai. In Wakeel Sahab, Pawan steps into Bachchan’s shoes. And director Sriram Venu seems to have made a slight change in Pawan’s characterization. While the characters of Amitabh Bachchan and Ajit were emotionally weak and tortured souls (of course, the reasons behind their sufferings were different), Pawan Kalyan showed no such signs of vulnerability. He is not weighed with the past. He seems lighter on his feet and quicker as a deal.

While the makers of Pink and Nerkonda Paravai portray the roles of three female characters who in the posters and teasers are the heartthrob of the court drama firmly entrenched by Sriram Venu and producer Dil Raju, they have kept a strong focus on Pawan Kalyan so far . It is reasonable to assume that Wakeel Saab is a traditional story about a righteous man who saves three Kamdevs in distress.

Wakeel Saab will mark Pawan Kalyan’s return from a two-year sabbatical. Following the defeat of Agnostic (2018), the star took a break from show business and focused on her political aspirations. The film is currently in the post-production phase, and the release date is expected to be announced soon.

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