Vacation Friends 2 Will Take John Cena and His Pals on One Wild Honeymoon

Less than a week ago, Hulu launched the . left the premiere holiday friends, a comedy starring John Cena, Lil Riley Howery, Yvonne Orji, and Meredith Hagner as two couples with very different intentions when they end up on vacation together in Mexico. The film, despite having very mixed reviews, pulled in the largest opening weekend audience for an original release in Hulu’s history, and that means clearly a sequel is already underway. entitled honeymoon friendsVacation Friends 2 will see both writer Clay Tarver and the main cast returning for more mayhem.

In the past year, Hulu has seen its most-watched opening weekend crown among a few different originals from comedy Palm Springs, for thriller Daud, and now holiday friends is at the top of the pile, though how long it hangs on that title is nobody’s guess. Either way, the film has certainly done enough for now that its sequel is signed and sealed for possible delivery in the next few years.

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holiday friends The “opposite conversation” in the same vein of The Hangover is heavily by the buddy film, which sees Haveri and Orji playing Marcus and Emily, who fly to Mexico for a nice and relaxing break, but soon after. Everything goes awry with the arrival of Cena and Hagner as an obnoxious, loud, thrill-seeking duo who have no intention of spending their time on vacation in a quiet and romantic way. This all leads to drug-fueled madness, a clash of personalities and Marcus and Emily eventually return to normal life after their vacation from hell, only to find their unwanted “friends” months after their wedding. get crashed. Of course, this clearly carries over into the sequel.

One thing that stands out about the film is that there is something very “epidemic” about its making. It has a very small cast, and is made on a relatively small budget, which is something that has become synonymous with films made in and around the Covid restrictions over the years. It is unlikely that the film would have been filmed at any other time, but based on numerous reviews and a fairly tired premise, it is more questionable whether it would have been filmed if there had been another option on the table and a more open filming environment available. .

Though there is no doubt that it means little to the thousands of people who streamed the film from the comfort of their homes. The greater detail of how the film proceeds will be how many of them return to see honeymoon friends When it finally comes out, or whether one round of so much comedy antics would have been enough for many of them. An update on when to expect the new film will undoubtedly be announced soon, but john cena Currently playing in theaters and HBO Max as Peacemaker suicide squad and comes to HBO Max in its spin-off series, peacemaker, In January.

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