When Does The Time Change in USA? New Time Zones

Know about US Time Change 2024. When Does The Time Change in USA? New Time Zones update dates. During DST the unused time of the day gets utilised in a proper manner. Because still, many individuals are still not aware of Daylight Saving in America. Chiefly international travellers who are planning to visit the US in summer must be familiar with the time zone in the US as there could be a US Time Change 2024.

US Time Change 2024

People usually think it is time to go home when the sun goes down. Despite this US Government has made its personalized time zone which is compulsory to follow by all citizens residing in the US. This seasonal practice is observed at a particular time in order to make proper use of daylight in summer.

DST is a practice of advancing the clock one hour forward to utilize the evening light for work. Adjusting the time one hour ahead is not a big task. However, experts have noted the rise and drastic changes in mood, motor vehicle accidents, heart disease, and many more. We have discussed the pros and cons in the other half of our aticle proceed ahead to know more.

When Does The Time Change in USA?

The clock time will spring ahead to one hour on 10 March 2024. DST is an annual practice where every individual in the USA has to set the clock time one hour forward from March till November. In 2024 this would be conducted from 10th March to 3rd November.

US Time Change

The vital aim behind the Day Saving Time is to conserve time and energy. The idea was to reduce electricity costs. Almost all the states in the USA will be practising this change but not all. There are certain states in the USA which do not follow the guidance of the federal government. In particular, they have their own state laws.

Pros And Cons For US Time Change 2024

Depending upon various factors such as climate and geographic location DST may have both a good as well as a bad impact on the citizens residing in the USA.

  • Longer daylight would up stick the more outdoor activities such as relaxation, sports and also tourism within the state. Tourism will directly boost the economic condition of the USA.
  • Cafes and the hospitality sectors will be in profit as people usually prefer daylight for dining out.
  • The rapid boost in energy consumption is a notable adavantage of the DST. Evening light would be highly used rather than the electric one.
  • A huge amount of tax revenue will be generated in the USA due to more economic activities going on the state during the daylight.

Along with the pros come the cons. Here are some not-so-good things when DST is in action.

  • Disturbance in the sleeping pattern will result in insomnia and a lack of productivity at work. This can be a troublesome case for the U.S. government, especially when it comes to individuals working in the healthcare and transportation sectors.
  • Farmers who completely rely on daylight will be affected worse.
  • Travellers will be confused about the changes in the time. Foreigners from different countries might not be aware of the DST practice.
  • Due to reduced daylight in the morning traffic accidents will increased. Cases of vehicle collision will be quite common in those months.

After going through all the good and bad you are good to visit the US and if you have your colleagues over there you may share this article with them.

New Time Zones Update Dates

The new time zone for 2024 will be soon starting from the 10th of March on Sunday night sharp at 2.00 a.m. The clock will be moved ahead by one hour. This time zone only be till the 3rd of November. On 3rd November at 2.00 a.m, the clock will be set to the actual time. For 2025 the same action will be performed from 9th March to 1st November.

So you must be worried about how you will make the changes in the timing. No issues with it most electronic devices will automatically make the adjustments based on the timing. In case you have a wall clock at home you have to change the time manually.


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