Check the details about US Presidential Candidates 2024: What Will be the Effect on Stimulus Checks With New Govt here. The citizens are curious to know the US Presidential Candidates List 2024 for the upcoming elections. They are demanding improvements and would be voting for a deserving candidate. People are discussing the effect that can be observed on the stimulus checks. In this article, we have covered the essential information for their reference.

US Presidential Candidates 2024

The Federal Election Commission had announced the dates for the election in the states. The new date for the ballot is in the early days of November 2024. This will be the 60th election of the presidential post in the country.

The Fourth instalment of Stimulus was part of the Biden Government. The citizens with low income have been dependent on these benefits for their living. The process of the Financial Tax Credit is exempted from the changes in the country. The upcoming election might affect the income of the citizens in some instant. Scroll down to learn more about the What Will be Effect of Stimulus Checks With the New Government.

US Election for 2024

The FEC is an independent body, responsible for conducting the election in a fair manner across the country. The time has come to Say Goodbye to the Biden government and say ‘Hi’ to the new. The FEC has released the list of the candidates for the ballot. There are few independent candidates and the Republican candidates opted for the post.

US Presidential Candidates

At the end of the last quarter, there were many changes in the ruling Government of the US such as the suspension of Presidential Campaigns. The important timeline for the changes in the authorities.

Candidate Timeline Function
Tim Scott 12th November 2023 Suspended his campign
Doug Burgum 4th December 2023 Suspended his presidential campaign
Chris Christie 10th January 2024 Suspenion of his presidential campign
Vivek Ramaswamy 15th January 2024 Suspended his presidential campign
Asa Hutchinson 16th January 2024 Suspended his presidential campaign

List of Presidential Candidates 2024

The FEC has opted few of the candidates from the Democratic and the Republican parties. While some other parties will also be part of an election. The list released by the FEC includes three Democratic candidates and a few Republican candidates. The candidates in the Democratic candidates are:

  • Joe Biden: the current president of the US, had announced to stand for re-election.
  • Dean Philips: the representative from Minnesota. He announced his participation on 23rd October 2023.
  • Marianne Williamson: the presidential candidate for several years and the author of most famous selling books has announced her participation in the election in November 2023.

This is the predicted list of the candidates. We will share the modified content at the earliest.

List of Republic Candidates 2024

The details of the candidates are shared in this section.

  • Ryan Binkley: the businessman has announced his involvement in the election in April 2023
  • Ron DeSantis: the governor of Florida has announced himself as the candidate for the upcoming presidential election in May 2023.
  • Nikki Haley: the former US Ambassador and the South Carolina has announced the candidacy for the election in February 2023
  • Donald Trump: the former president of the US, has announced to stand for the upcoming election.

Many other candidates might appear in the election. With the coming date of the elections, the list of candidates is expected to increase.

USA Candidate

The image above represents the candidates who have strong chances to win according to FEC.

What Will be the Effect on Stimulus Checks With New Government?

Although the date of release might change during the month of the election. As the Social Security Agency and the Internal Revenue Service are independent agencies, the amount of the upcoming Stimulus will be the same as announced by the authorities.

The changes in the benefits are under the financial administration of the country and will be affected only due to the increase in the cost of livng and the inflation rate. The SSI and SSDI benefits will be disbursed on the scheduled dates.

With the Governance of the new body, the changes might be seen in the additional supplementary aids, as these are provided by the ruling administration funds. The tax credit and the rebates are not part of the elections, so the beneficiaries will not be affected by changes in the concerned department as per the considerable assumptions.


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