Updated Porsche Macan arriving later this year

Updated Porsche Macan arriving later this year

The Macan of the current generation will live for a few more years.

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Before porsche All-electric Macan goes on sale in 2023, Will launch a heavily updated version of the company Current SUV. Speaking to reporters on a call earlier this week, Porsche member Michael Steiner of the research and development executive board said the refreshed Macon would arrive in the second half of this year.

The 2022 Macon will have the same underpinnings as the current model, but “there’s a lot of new stuff inside and out,” Steiner said. While the SUV’s original mechanical changes should be unchanged, some are expected Update information Also with new comfort and convenience features. Perhaps Macan will eventually dig up its button-heavy center console in favor of the more modern, backlit design found in the company’s new products.

The upcoming Macan EV, however, will ride on Porsche’s new electric-only platform, called PPE, and while the two SUVs will eventually be sold alongside each other, they won’t debut at the same time. “There is no partnership between the existing Macan platform and the Electric Macan platform in common parts,” Steiner said. “You won’t see cars that have both [gas and electric powertrains] In the same platform. “

The two SUVs will look different, and Steiner says the relationship will be similar to Porsche’s Panamera and Tayan Four doors. These cars have the same basic form (although the Panamera is a hatchback while the Tekken is a sedan), but both interior and exterior are very different in terms of design.

Steiner said that Porsche would sell the two Macans together because “there are different speeds around the world in terms of power going.” As to whether the Macan EV would eventually replace the gas-powered SUV, Steiner said the company is not sure. “Predicting demand is really complicated.”

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