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Encino Mann One of the most memorable comedy movies of the 1990s, and you can rewatch the Caveman comedy for free right now by streaming it on YouTube. Released in 1992, the film is directed by Les Mayfield and written by Geroge Zalum and Sean Sheps. it stars Paulie Shore and Sean Astin as two friends who search for a caveman (Brendan Fraser), whom they help integrate into modern-day Los Angeles.


The official synopsis reads: “The fun begins when two high school friends dig a frozen cavern in their backyard! Once the living fossil thaws, the friends think he’s the ticket to cool. But Plans Fail When Newcomer Turns Everyday Encino Mann – Totally irreverent, utterly terrifying comedy that shows how hilariously out of control things develop as they meet the Rock Age of the Stone Age!”

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Over the past year, the noise has teased Encino Man 2, suggesting that Disney+ would make a good home for a potential sequel. As mighty duck And with other Disney properties from the past being rebooted for the streaming service, the chances are now greater than ever. Apparently the issue is with Disney, as Shore has said he would be happy to return for a new film. He also said that Brendan Fraser and Sean Astin will be on board for the return.


“29 years ago this weekend, Encino Mann To celebrate the film’s 29th anniversary, Shore posted a photo of himself with Fraser on Instagram in May. Shanti Brendan, miss you. Hope you are doing great in this crazy world. And you guys know what the Brendan peace sign means? Encino Man 2 Too good to hit Disney+ and tell them yourself, Brendan and Sean Astin are up for a sequel.”

More recently, Shore addressed the sequels to Encino Man, along with his other films from the 1990s. He reiterated that he has no power in making sequels, but with the age of social media, fans have a great influence in the decisions that are made at Disney. Shor insisted that the best hope of seeing Encino Man 2 Or a sequel to any of his other films, is to continue to reach out to Disney and demand it in a respectful manner.

Shor said of that support, “I want to thank the people from the bottom of my heart for all the outgoing messages that are basically saying you’re going to be on Disney+ and Amazon and MGM about the sequels to my movies. going to reach.” . “So, now because of the social media world, you guys, you guys at home, actually have more power than me with regards to making my sequels.”

Maybe the positive response to movie availability on YouTube Movies will help Disney move forward with more Encino Mann. Time will tell if the sequel ever ends seeing the light of day, but we’ll always have the original.Encino Mann Free streaming with ads can be seen on Youtube.

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