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As 2020 comes to a long-awaited end, a series of filings indicate that venture capitalists are ending the new year with new money. According to SEC paperwork, learn capital And USV has filed paperwork showing that the companies have raised new, multi-dollar funds.

If you are paying attention to the news of this past year, it is clear that the majority of venture capital is not left until 2020 – it is thriving through it. Zoom Investment, it seems, is doing well for cash-rich firms, doubling the stakes in categories ranging from edtech to climate.

First, New York-based USV accumulated a pair of sawdust late Thursday. The first filing shows that the firm has closed $ 151 million for the USV Climate 2021, which anyone might believe is focused on climate-technical investments. As my colleague Jonathan Schaiber pointed out, climate technology.

Another, more monotonous filing is the firm’s $ 22.4 million investment vehicle, titled USV Bundle. It is unclear what it focuses on, but a recent blog post suggests that the firm will continue to double its education investments.

Speaking of Edtech, Learn-Capital, an education-focused venture capital fund, filed a paperwork indicating that it had closed $ 132 million in capital. There are plans to raise a total of $ 250 million for the fund, which will be the company’s fourth investment vehicle so far. The Edtech category is clearly booming with interest, which fueled Owl Ventures to close $ 585 million in new capital in September.

Finally, I will make an honorable mention for Lattice CEO Jack Altman’s New Year’s Eve filing, which shows that the executive plans to raise $ 20 million for a new fund. It is unclear if this filing indicates Apollo’s next move, a venture fund started by the Altman brothers. The trio Beyond Jack includes Max and Sam, former presidents of Y Combinator, who currently serve as CEO of OpenAI.

I reached out to all three organizations to comment, but (non-stop) did not hear back. It is New Year’s Eve. So now, back to Champagne. Happy New Year to all of you.

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