Unilever and Verizon are the latest companies to pull their advertising from Facebook – TipsClear

Unilever and Verizon are the latest companies to pull their advertising from Facebook – TipsClear

Advertiser’s speed against Facebook Content and demonetization policies continue to develop.

Last night, Verizon (which owns TipsClear) said it would stop advertising on Facebook and Instagram “until Facebook can create an acceptable solution that makes us comfortable and what we have done with YouTube and other partners” Is consistent. “

Then today, it joins consumer goods giant Unilever, Which states that it will stop all US advertising on Facebook, Instagram (owned by Facebook) and even Twitter, at least until the end of the year.

“Based on the current polarization and the election taking place in the U.S., there needs to be a lot more enforcement in the area of ​​hate speech,” executive vice president of global media Luis Di Como told the Wall Street Journal.

The effort to bring advertiser pressure to advertise on Facebook began with a campaign called #StopHateforProfit, coordinated by the Anti-Defect League, NAACP, Color of Change, Free Press and Sleeping Giants. The campaign is calling for changes to improve support for victims of racism, anti-Semitism, and hate, and to end advertising demonetisation on misinformation and hateful content.

Companies that have agreed to pull their ads from Facebook also include outdoor brands such as REI, The North Face and Patagonia. (An important caveat: Gizmodo stated that it is unclear whether these advertisers are also pulling their money from the Facebook audit network.)

In response to Unilever’s announcement, Facebook made the following statement:

We invest billions of dollars every year to keep our community safe and continuously work with outside experts to review and update our policies. We have opened ourselves up to a civil rights audit, and we have banned 250 white supremacist organizations from Facebook and Instagram. The investment we made in AI means that we get about 90% of the hate speech [and take] Action was taken by users before reporting it to us, while a recent EU report found that Facebook rated more hate speech reports in 24 hours than Twitter and YouTube. We know we have more work to do, and we will continue to develop even more tools, techniques and policies with civil rights groups, GARM and other experts to continue this fight.

And Twitter gave a statement from Sara Client, vice president of global customer solutions:

Our mission is to serve public conversation and ensure that Twitter is a place where people can build human relationships, get authentic and reliable information, and express themselves freely and securely. We have developed policies and platform capabilities designed to protect and serve the public conversation and, as always, are committed to raising voice from underrated communities and marginalized groups. We are respectful of our partners’ decisions and will continue to work and communicate with them in the meantime.

By 1:57 pm. EDT was down more than 7% from the start of Facebook stock trading. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he would address these issues at the town hall starting at 2P, M. EDT today.

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