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Ubisoft to Take Down Raised Fist in Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

Ubisoft issued an apology for using the raised fist symbol Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, And promised that imagery would be removed from mobile games in future updates.

The raised fist symbol, which is closely associated with the Black Lives Matter movement, can be seen in elite SquadOpening video

The use of the symbol was criticized as it was linked to the game’s villain UMBRA, who is taking advantage of civil unrest for its agenda. The game clearly opposes principles that are supported by clandestine groups rather than actual movements against social issues.

Ubisoft has apologized, saying that the raised fist symbol will be removed soon elite Squad.

Criticism against elite SquadHowever, it does not end there. The premise of the game is that governments see protests as threats that need to be eliminated by special forces, it is seen as untimely.

has reached out to comments on widespread criticism against Ubisoft elite Squad, And we will update this article as soon as we hear back.

Ubisoft’s troubles

Ubisoft has been working within the company with allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct, resulting in the departure of several high-profile executives. The most recent exit was Ashraf Ismail, former creative director Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Which was implicated in extramarital affairs.

Developers of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla A female protagonist wanted the facility, but company officials insisted on a male version “because a woman was not sold alone.”

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