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Uber’s Black employee base shrinks – TechCrunch

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TL; Dr: This week, Apple announced its third head of diversity and inclusion in four years, Uber’s black employee base shrunk despite the company being anti-racist and Reddit bringing in its second black board member this year .

Meanwhile, Facebook’s content moderators spoke out against the company forcing them to work in the office during an epidemic, and a new report from Silicon Valley Rising showed 63% of blue-collar tech workers are Black or LatinX .

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Facebook content moderators demand better security and benefits

More than 200 Facebook content moderators, as well as a group of some full-time employees, called on the tech company to “stop unnecessarily risking the modulator,” He wrote in an open letter to Facebook and company contractors to manage content intermediaries, Accenture and Kovalan. Demands came after Intercept reported How some Facebook content moderators – who deal with things like sexual abuse and graphic violence – were required to return to office during the epidemic. Shortly after coming back to the office, a Facebook content moderator allegedly tested positive for COVID-19.

Facebook later defended its decision to bring some content moderators to the office, stating that “in-house outsourcers are not able to route some of the most sensitive and graphic content to reviewers.” His VP of Integrity Guy Rosen said in a press call. “This is really sensitive material. This is not something you want people to review around the house with their family. “

Touro addresses asset inequality of $ 1 million

Car-sharing market Turo teamed up with Kiva To offer interest-free loans to black people and people from traditionally unqualified communities to buy cars and then share them on Turo. The $ 1 million commitment is intended to address the issue of wealth inequality in the United States.

Called the Turo Seed Initiative, those who are eligible can raise up to $ 15,000 through crowdfunding and Turo’s matching program. To raise money on Kiva, people must use the money for business purposes, including car sharing on Turo. Through Kiva, they can raise up to $ 7,500 and Turo will then get up to $ 7,500. From there, they can buy a car and list it on the Turo.

Tech’s cafeteria workers, security officers, etc. are predominantly Black or LatinX

A Silicon Valley Rising Report It has recently been shown that about 63% of blue-collar technical workers are Black or LatinX. These are employees who cook and serve in tech company cafeterias, take off tech shuttles or work as security officers or custodians.

This week too, A group of cafeteria workers who previously worked inside the offices of Verizon Media, protested outside their CEO’s home in San Francisco. These workers were hired in September by Verizon media contractor Compass. Meanwhile, LinkedIn More than 260 food service workers stopped paying at the end of June And tesla 280 watchmen and bus drivers placed in April.

Transition from Trump to Biden: Now is not the time for complacency

On This week’s episode of TC Mixtape, We talked with Y-von Hutchinson Regarding the set set about DEI and a new administration is meant for the work it is doing. Here is an excerpt from our conversation:

When I am optimistic and so thrilled at the prospect that we are not going to suffer harm as we did under the Trump administration, I also remember the Obama administration. It is not like these structures, which separated – it did not fall out of the blue.

I hope we have learned some very valuable lessons when it comes to the impact that diversity is not like a lack of inclusiveness, because it sounds so much toast to say, but these exclusions and harmful organizations, platforms, in our industry Like powerful people, like I hope we have learned from our mistakes. But I think there is always the temptation to say, ‘Well, we dumped Trump and the work is done’ [or] Feel a little smug. I worry about that decency. Because, you know, the dirty, dirty undercover, all that stuff we’ve got today – all of that is still there, it’s all festive poison.

We still have work to do, and I’m not saying that everyone is a bad actor and you know, get rid of it. But I think we really need to be critical and think about what accountability looks like for our industry and make sure that we’re not getting into the same bad habits that we did in the first place. Received So I am waiting to see how it happens.

Apple announces new head of D&I

Apple recently announced Barbara Whee, former head of D&I at Intel, He will be included as a VP of inclusion and diversity in early 2021. The announcement comes after Christie Smith, the former head of D&I, left the company in June “to spend time with her family”. An Apple spokesman said at the time. Smith was in the role since late 2017, after Denis Young Smith, the company’s first VP of diversity and inclusion. Left after only six months in the role.

Uber’s D&I efforts are down this year

Uber recently released its latest diversity report, which saw a decline in overall representation of black employees in the US, despite the increased focus on racial justice this year in the wake of the police assassination of George Floyd. In 2019, Uber was 9.3% black, while this year 7.5% of its employees are black only.

Uber Black has caused a decline in employees Layoffs earlier this year, Where about 40% of the workforce was employed in community operations, Uber’s chief diversity officer Bo Young Lee told ClearTips.

“As a company that has publicly articulated its stance on anti-racism, this is not acceptable,” she said.

He said that Uber has inadvertently seen a huge decline in the black population. “Dara was definitely upset by it. Every leader was. It prevailed how easy it is to lose some ground after all you have done. “

Reddit adds another black director to the board

Reddit has appointed Paula Price, who has served on its board of directors to six public companies including Accenture and Deutsche Bank. Price’s appointment made him one of two black directors on the company’s board.

“Paula’s vast experience as a world-class financial leader and strategic advisor will be a tremendous asset for us in the years to come,” Reddit CEO Steve Huffman said in a statement. “Best of all, he embodies the two most important qualities for us for this board seat: leading companies through a period of transformative growth and genuine passion for the mission of Reddit.”

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian stepped down from the board and urged the company to appoint a black director to replace him, with Reddit having zero black board members. Reddit consulted Ohanian and Appoints Y Combinator Michael Siebel to the board.

LAPD bans commercial facial recognition

After questioning Buzzfeed about the use of Clearview officials, LAPD has banned the use of commercial facial recognition programs. This is not to say that LAPD will not continue to use facial recognition that compares dubious records of booking images but it will no longer use facial recognition tools that rely on social media and other websites.

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