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Uber loses a legal battle over driver classification, we survey mobility investors and new data suggests that a COVID-19 vaccine should be easy to transport. This is your daily crunch for February 19, 2021.

Big story: Uber challenges Britain with a legal

The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom has reaffirmed earlier rulings that Uber drivers who brought the case – which dates back to 2016 – are workers, not independent contractors.

The court said in a statement, “Drivers are in a state of subordination and dependency in relation to Uber, they have little or no ability to improve their economic status through professional or entrepreneurial skills.” “Long-term work while meeting consistent measures of Uber’s performance could increase their earnings.”

Uber, while accepting the decision, emphasized that it applied to the specific group of drivers who brought the case, many of whom are no longer driving through the app.

Startup, Funding and Venture Capital

Former General Catalyst and General Atlantic VC announced $ 68M debut fund – New York-based AVD Ventures is launching its $ 68 million debut venture capital fund.

With the $ 20MA round, Promise brings financial flexibility to older government and utility payment systems – Promise integrates with official payment systems to offer more forgiving terms for fees and loans that people handle all at once Can not

Acast acquired podcasting startup RadioPublic – RadioPublic expanded from the public radio marketplace PRX in 2016.

Additional crisis advice and analysis

Ten investors predict MAS will dominate the future of the epidemic of on-demand delivery and EV mobility – the COVID-19 epidemic did not just spur the transportation industry, it exposed its weaknesses and highlighted potential opportunities.

A fraction of Robinhood’s users are increasing its run-off – a closer look at payment for order flow, a controversial practice in which Robinhood is paid by market makers to execute customer trades.

Three Strategies to Increase Brand Authority in 2021 – Advice of Fractal Marketing Director Amanda Milligan.

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Everything else

Pfizer-BioNtech’s Kovid-19 vaccine has become much easier to transport and distribute – there are new stability data collected by Pfizer and BioNotech, handed over to the US Food and Drug Administration.

The dizzying scene about Perseverance’s mid-descent makes ‘Seven Minutes of Terror’ feel very real – NASA has shared a child-raising image of the rover as it is under threat from its jetpack above the Martian landscape.

Will the Texas Winter Disaster Stop Further Technological Migration? – There has been loss of life, goods and economic activity due to the storm.

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