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According to CNBC, Uber’s rivals are two rivals for the purchase of American food delivery company GrubHub: Just Eat Takway (a union of Just Eat and Takway) and Delivery Hero.

Both European companies are probably looking for a major entry into the United States market. Just Eat Tackway UK And based in Holland, while Delivery Hero Based in Germany. According to Crunchbase data, to flush with billions of dollars in historical capital with billions of dollars, they were both funded with Just Just Take Tackway, raising only $ 1 billion (a combined tally for both companies). Huh. .

The price they can afford to pay on this Friday afternoon is unclear, but public-market investors are optimistic about what companies can pay. Grub share The news is higher than that occurring in a mixture of other suitors; Its shares are currently trading around 7% of the day.

A bidding war can help give Grubh a higher price for himself. According to various reports, Uber and Grube are struggling to find out the true value of the small company’s assets. Uber Eat is a domestic competitor to Grubh, which makes the tie-up attractive for a large company from a competitive standpoint; If Uber can eliminate one of its major rivals while absorbing its market share, then perhaps the best company known for its ride-hailing business is reducing its regular losses from activity, food. Will be able to withdraw more cash from distribution.

It is not clear how many restaurants can give food aggregators and delivery players, if any.

But what is clear today is that the ownership battle of the American food delivery market is over. If one of the European players absorbs Grubh, it may establish a new active, multi-way struggle to bring food from where it is made into consumers’ homes. Uber eats against GrubHub and has new owners against Postmates Against DoorDash: This will be a costly dust-up.

So expensive, in fact, would probably cough up more than Uber because it wanted the asset to refrain from fighting a new energetic grub, powered by cash from its new, European parent company.

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