Uber and Lyft defeated again in court – ClearTips

Uber and Lyft defeated again in court – TechCrunch

A California court weighing Pro. As 22 looms, Google has removed data collection practices and the popular app of Senate Uppenous Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg. This is your daily crunch for October 23, 2020.

Big Story: Uber And lyft Beat again in court

A California appeals court ruled that yes, a new state law applied to Uber and Lyft drivers, meaning they should be classified as employees rather than independent contractors. The judge ruled that contrary to the arguments of rideshare companies, any financial loss “does not rise to the level of irreparable loss.”

However, the decision will not be effective for 30 days – suggesting that the real determining factor would be Proposition 22, a statewide ballot supported by Uber and Lyft, which guarantees drivers such things as minimum compensation and health care subsidies to contractors. Will keep as

A Lict spokesman told ClearTips, “This decision is more necessary than ever for voters to stand with drivers and say yes to Prophet 22.”

Tech giants

Google removed 3 Android apps for children, with 20M + downloads between them, over data collection violations – researchers at the International Digital Accountability Council found that a trio of popular and reasonably innocent-looking apps aimed at younger users Were in violation of Google’s data collection policies.

Huawei slowed down the pace of development as its operations continue to face significant challenges – the full impact of US trade sanctions has not yet been felt, as the government has given Huawei several exemptions.

The New York Post may force Senate Uppenas Zuckerberg and Dorsey to testify over controversy – Senate Judiciary Committee voted in favor of issuing Uppon for Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey.

Startup, Funding and Venture Capital

Quibi says it will close in early December – a newly published support page on the Quibi site states that streaming will end “on or about December 1, 2020”.

MMHM, Phil Libin’s new startup, gets Memix to add enhanced filters to its video presentation toolkit – Memex has built a series of filters that allow you to turn video into light, details in the background or the entire screen Can apply to

Nordic Challenger Bank Lunar raised the € 40M series, planning to enter the ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ space – Lunar started as a personal finance manager app but received a full banking license in 2019.

Additional Crunch Advice and Analysis

Here’s how fast a few dozen startups have grown in QN 2020 – that’s as close to a private company’s earnings report as we can manage.

Quibby’s brief, awkward life – everything you need to know about the Quoby story, all in one place.

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Everything else

In an effort to boost downloads, France reinstalled the contact-tracing application – France’s contact-tracing application has been updated and is now called TousAntiCovid, meaning “everyone against Kovid.”

The delegates proposed a bill limiting the President’s Internet ‘kill switch’ – the bill would limit the ability of the Internet to be switched off at the President’s will.

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