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This has been one of the most ambitious years for Twitter. After activist shareholder action last year that aimed to oust CEO Jack Dorsey, the company has been making product moves for a long time, buying companies and moving the envelope to see how it could expand its network Tap and run a new revenue stream. Things are paying off for the company, as their share price is double the 2020 high.

Today, the company shared early details on its first paid product, a feature called “Super Follow”, which aims to combine Discord’s community trends, including newsletter INTACH, the clubhouse’s audio chat room and Patron’s producer support is. A Producer Subscription. The company announced the service on Thursday morning during its Analyst Day program.

A lot of details are still on the air for this feature which is definitely not the launch timeline.

The screenshot shared by Twitter featured a feature allowing Twitter users to subscribe to their favorite creators for a monthly price (one screenshot is $ 4.99 per month) and earn some customer-only perks. , Which includes things like “exclusive content,” “customer”. Newspapers only, “” community outreach, “” deals and discounts, “and a” pro badge “for subscribers. The program will also have producers able to share certain media, including tweets, fleets, and chats that They organize in the clubhouse contestant spaces of Twitter.

The company’s other major announcement of the event was “Communities”, a product designed to compete with Facebook groups, but would also likely provide a “super follow” network with creators in close carriers There is a place to interact.

The introduction of payment into Twitter feeds can dramatically shift the mechanics of the service. Twitter has been fairly conservative in building features to create a unique class of users over the years. Producer-centric features built for a network that is already home to so many creators can be a major threat to services like Patrien that have popped up massively due to the demonetization tools available from large social platforms .

The new revenue streams will undoubtedly be key to Twitter’s ambitious plan to double its revenue by 2023.

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