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A new twitter The test feature aiming to “promote informed discussion” will inspire users to read before retweeting. The company describes the trial as a move to help people share in a broader effort to inspire “healthy conversations” on the platform.

The experimental new prompt does not prevent a user from restarting a link before clicking to read, instead merely suggesting that they want to and allowing them to click. The limited testing feature will only be visible to some U.S.-based Android users.

Twitter and other social networks are regularly replete with divisive conspiracy theories and other misleading claims, but not simply misinformation to alienate users. Polarization is a baked-in feature in the way social platforms work, where sharing content that confirms current bias is never more than a click. With the testing feature, Twitter is tampering with how to slow that process by urging users to stop and reflect.

In May, Twitter began testing a sign warning users that they are about to tweet a potentially harmful reply, based on the platform’s algorithms that identify the content as something that often Are reported as harmful. Facebook tried a similar testing facility last year and reported that its results showed promise.

The idea is that giving users the opportunity to make different choices rather than forcing them to do so may help to re-organize some unproductive or actively harmful strains of behavior. In the case of the new Twitter test feature, this means slowing them down and reading the content of the link they are about to share. What happens when those links are filled with damaging claims or conspiracies remains to be seen, but instead of urging people to work slowly on social networks, breaking the rivet button is certainly not a bad thing.

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