Twitter said to have held acquisition talks with Clubhouse on potential $4B deal – TechCrunch

According to a Bloomberg report, Twitter negotiated with the clubhouse for a possible acquisition of a live drop-in audio networking platform with a deal worth around $ 4 billion. ClearTips has also confirmed discussions from a source familiar with the conversation.

Although negotiations were going on for the last several months, they are not taking place now, although they have not given the reason for this according to the report. It is also worth noting that just a few days ago, Bloomberg reported that the club house was trying to raise a new round of funding at a valuation of about $ 4 billion, but reports detailing possible takeover talks indicated that The discussion with Twitter first collapsed, a change in strategy to gain additional capital in exchange for leading equity investment.

Twitter has its own product similar to Clubhouse – Spaces, a drop-in audio chatroom feature that it has been slowly rolling over its user base over the past few months. Meanwhile, Clubhouse launched the first of its monetization efforts, Clubhouse Payments, which allows users to send payments directly to other creators on the platform, provided the person is enabled to receive the said payments.

Interestingly, the demonetization effort of the club house does not actually provide them any funding; Rather, it is demonetization for recipient users who receive 100% of the funds, a small deduction for processing that goes directly to Stripe, using payment provider Clubhouse to enable virtual tips Used to be.

While we’re not going to explain the specifics of these negotiations between Twitter and the clubhouse, it seems like a terrible high price tag for audio apps for social networks, especially given their progress. The initial traction of the clubhouse has been undeniable, but there are still a lot of questions left about its longevity, and it is being cloned left and right by other platforms, begging the question of age startups as to whether It is a feature or a product for it.

Whatever went down, the timing of this revelation seems likely to prime the pump for the clubhouse’s interactions with potential investors, with the round for which it is evaluating its target. Despite this, it is exciting to draw attention to this kind of activity, discussion, and payment for a consumer software because what one might argue may be a relatively short period for the category.

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