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Twitter Has taken another step back from its initial decision to prevent users from allegedly blocking links or images of New York Post story reporting on emails or others and Hunter, son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden Originated on the laptop related to.

The story, which alleged that Hunter Biden set up a meeting between a Ukrainian energy firm and his father when Biden was vice president, was unstable from the beginning, and more The hole Has emerged over time. Both Facebook and Twitter took action to slow its spread – but Twitter took a more aggressive stance, not only including a warning label whenever someone shared the story, but actually blocking the link.

These steps have generated a series of criticisms. Censorship has been predicted by Republican politicians and pundits, but there have also been suggestions that Facebook and Twitter inadvertently drew more attention to the story. And even Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey suggested that it was “unacceptable” to block the link in DM without explanation.

Casey Newton, on the other hand, argued that the platform had successfully slowed down the spread of the story: “The truth was that Ruby Giuliani’s time to put her shoes on before the quarrelsome dog story was about a laptop of Dabri origin that made it Was made around the world. “

Twitter initially justified its approach by citing its hacked content policy, then later said it posted “personal and private information – such as email addresses and phone numbers – that violate our rules -” Was stopping

The controversy prompted Twitter to revise its hacked content policy, so that content and links obtained through dubious means would now come with a label, rather than being completely removed, as long as it was directly from hackers or those “Not sharing” with people. “

And now, as first reported by The New York Times, Twitter is also allowing users to share links to the post story (something confirmed via their own Twitter account).

Why did the vicissitudes happen? Again, the official justification for blocking the link was to prevent the dissemination of private information, so the company said that the story has now spread widely, online and in the press, that information can no longer be considered private.

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