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The Twitter space, the company’s new live audio room feature, is opening up more widely. company Announced Today it is providing Twitter Spaces with 600 followers or more in any account, including both iOS and Android users. It also unveils some of the officially launched features, such as ticketed space, scheduling features, reminders, support for co-hosting, access improvements, and more.

Along with the expansion, Twitter is also making the space more visible on its platform. The company notes that it has begun testing its ability to find and join space from purple bubbles around one’s profile picture from the home timeline.

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Twitter says it has set a figure of 600 followers to gain access to Twitter spaces based on its first test. Accounts with 600 or more followers have a tendency to host “a good experience” live conversations because they have a large existing audience that can tune in.

Meanwhile, it is advancing rapidly with new features and developments. Twitter is publicly building the space, keeping in mind user feedback as it prioritizes features and updates. Already, this one has been created Expanded set of audience management controls, As the users requested, introduced a path to the hosts Mute all the speakers at once And Laughing emoji couple Once requested by users, their own set of responses.

Now, its attention is turning to the creators. Twitter spaces will be supported soon Many co-hosts, And creators will be able to charge better markets and even fees to access their live events on the Twitter space. One feature, over the next few weeks, will allow users to schedule and set them up to remind them about spaces they don’t want to miss. It can also help creators who are marketing their events in advance, as part of the RSVP process may push users to “set reminders” about upcoming shows.

Twitter space’s rival, Clubhouse, on Sunday also announced a reminder feature during its townhall event as well as the start of its external Android test. The two platforms, it seems, may soon be neck and neck in terms of feature set.

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But when the club house recently introduced an in-app donation feature as a means of supporting favorite creators, Twitter will soon introduce a more traditional means of generating revenue from live events: selling tickets. The company says it is working on a feature that will allow hosts to set ticket prices and how many are available at a given event to give them a way to earn from their Twitter space.

Twitter states that a limited group of examiners will have access to ticketed spaces in the coming months. Unlike the clubhouse, which has yet to tap into producer revenue streams, Twitter will take a small cut from these ticket sales. However, it notes that the “majority” of the revenue will go to the creators themselves.

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Twitter also mentioned that it is improving its accessibility feature, live captions, so they can be paused and optimized, and are working to make it more accurate.

The company will host a Twitter space of its own around 1pm today to discuss these announcements in more detail.

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