Twitch expands its rules against hate and abuse to include behavior off the platform – TechCrunch

Twitch will begin to hold its streamers to a higher standard. The company expanded its hate and harassment policy, specifying more types of bad behavior that broke its rules and could lead to a ban from the streaming service.

The news comes as the twitch continues with reports of abusive behavior and sexual harassment both on stage and within the company. In December, Twitch released an updated set of rules designed to take harassment and abuse more seriously, acknowledging that women, people of color and LGBTQ communities are “dissatisfied” with that toxic behavior on stage Were impressed.

Twitch’s policies now include serious crimes, which can pose a threat to security, even if they are completely away from the streaming service. Those threats include violent extremism, terrorism, threats of mass violence, sexual assault and connections to known hate groups.

The company will also continue to evaluate off-platform behavior in cases occurring on Twitch, such as an on-stream situation that leads to harassment on Twitter or Facebook.

The company wrote in a blog post, “Despite this policy being new, we have taken historic action against serious, blatant misconduct that has gone out of service, but so far, we have no such approach, Can be increased. ” -Platform behavior requires additional resources to address the complexity inherent in those cases.

To handle reports for its broader rules, Twitch created a dedicated email address ( to handle reports about off-service behavior. The company says it has partnered with a third-party investigative law firm to obtain the report.

Twitch cited his actions as a result of enforcement against former President Donald Trump as the most high-profile example of off-platform behavior. The company disabled Trump’s account after the attack on the US Capitol and later suspended him indefinitely, fearing that she might use the service to incite violence.

It is harder to have a higher profile than the president, but Trump is not the only time a Twitch user is banned. Last June, Twitch dropped one of its biggest streamers off stage without providing an explanation for the decision.

After a year of leaving, no one seems to know that Dr. Why Desprict got the boot from Twitch, although the company insists it only works in cases with “a proliferation of evidence”, their violations were serious and well confirmed.

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