Turkish beaches that will blow up your mind

Turkish beaches that will blow up your mind

A holiday every now and then can be nice. Working hard throughout the year, a break is a must. You would definitely like to go out with your family. A beach holiday in Turkey is just perfect because of the gentle people, good food and gorgeous weather. A summer holiday in Turkey makes you think of crowded beaches and resorts.

Turkish beaches

Kabak Bay:

Step away from the conventional touristy beaches and say hello to the tranquil Kabak beach devoid of any sort of sunbeds and water sports that makes it unique. A virgin stretch of beach is nestled amid a lush pine forest. Kabak beach is ideal spot for yoga buffs as well as trekking and camping enthusiasts. Apart from a few campsites the beach is untouched.
Blue Lagoon of Oludeniz is undoubtedly the most famous stretch of sand in Turkey and perhaps one of the most beautiful in the entire world. Sparkling in all shades of blue, the sea here is so vibrant it almost seems surreal.
Iztuzu Beach is another important turtle nesting habitat. Iztuzu beach boasts of soft golden sands, shallow translucent waters and a handful of Kiosks serving Turkish tea and pancakes.  This is one of Turkey’s greatest eco-beaches an idyllic place to swim and just relax in the sun away from the maddening tourist crowds.

Butterfly valley:

Tucked away between two hovering cliffs, butterfly valley is hands down, one of turkey’s best kept secrets. Boasting of a rather unique Bohemian vibe. Butterfly valley is situated at the base of the Badadag Mountain and is a home to a tranquil, pristine beach, be it hiking, trekking, canyoning, canoeing or even scuba diving. Butterfly valley is a dream comes true for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lover.
The gorgeous Patara beach is the best beaches in Turkey. The beach is deal for spending a day lazing around under the sun and visitors can hire loungers and sun shades on the beach.

Icmeler near Marmaris

The holiday resort of Icmeler near Marmaris attracts thousands of tourists during the year. People flock to this area in search of blissful beaches, to have fun and delicious food. A family who wants to spend holidays together by the sea this is one of Turkey’s most popular seaside resorts and it’s not hard to see why.
It was once a humble fishing village but now it has turned into a tourist destination with beach bars, restaurants and water sports. Everything that you need for your holiday is available to you at this fun and vibrant beach. There are also some hill nearby which are great for hiking and can reveal some pleasant views of the beach from high above.

Cleopatra Beach

Cleopatra Beach is located down in the rolling foothills of the magical medieval.  Alanya castle is the charming Cleopatra Beach. This alluring beach boast soft sands that are said to have been brought there by Cleopatra herself, after she enjoyed swimming in the sea here.
The part of the Mediterranean is calm enough for swimming but there are enough big waves to try out water sports. If you fancy something a little more relaxing, grab yourself a drink and have a leisurely lunch at one of the many beaches, side cafes. This is the kind of classic holiday beach that has everything you need to make your beach a day as relaxed as possible.
If you are in search of unforgettable fascinating and remarkably diverse beaches then you should take a trip to turkey.

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