Tune Fix: From Moosedrilla to Bad Guy, songs you need to listen to this week

There is so much music out there that it is almost impossible for anyone to keep an eye on everything and decide what to listen to. So whether you intend to listen to the recently released chart-topping hits, or want to consume an artistic piece of music that didn’t get on your radar, Varun Krishna’s weekly column has you covered.

What is the world listening

Killer (Remix) by Eminem Ft Jack Harlow and Corday

As far as his rap game is concerned, Eminem is not only in a league of his own, the artist is one of the most self-aware rappers on the planet. Eminem’s latest track “Killer” proves just that. The song begins with Eminem giving the hook, followed by Jack Harlow’s poem composed of some great rhyme, references and metaphors. In one part Harlow sings: ‘Trina fiancé me / I take the steering wheel and drive them girls beyond mad (mad) / I’m on a song with my idol / I’m a cold-blooded version of the song title / I put these diamonds in the ring as if they were Sean Michaels. The artist reveals his love and respect for Eminem and compares his game to a cold-blooded killer. He also mentions Shawn Michaels, who is considered one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time.

The next poem is given by Corday and he misses no opportunity to impress. The artist compares his life to the script of a film and brings many other references. In part one, he sings: “I am influencing the talents of an entire generation ‘/ I only hang out with real niggas, with whom I congratulate / I show nothing less than the best result / just this Look at my moves with the next album, Nigga. “

Eminem takes the third verse that blows everything out of the water, and takes us on a wild journey like no other. Eminem accidentally drops a few bombs which is definitely in the headlines. Eminem talks about settling issues with Snoop Dogg, and about Snoop’s back for him and Dr. Dre’s life. He sings: “Just called Snoop and I talked to him, all of us Cool / Dre, me and Dog Good, Doctor, we got you.”

This is in relation to an earlier reference made by the rapper to his recent song “Zeus“Where He Called Snoop Dogg. In one part, Eminem answers all critics and his competition by saying that he is the best and if anyone disputes this, Eminem uses it in freestyle or using pens and pads Is ready to prove by doing. Eminem sings: “If there’s a rapper I haven’t eaten (where?) / We’re not fighting, either he or they won’t cooperate / ‘Because the pad or the paper freestyle does that. Will settle the debate (yes). “

The song does a lot in a very short time. Really great stuff from Eminem & Company.

Sidhu Moussa and Mousadrilla by Divine

“Mousadrilla” boasts a brilliant beat with lots of interesting musical elements. Even though I could not understand the poem of Sidhu Moose Wala, I can assure you that flow is killer. He uses his signature style to deliver hard vocals backed by some of the best backing vocals.

Devine presents the second verse with the utmost precision and brings her swagger to the party. The flavor of the devine looks very good with the mousse wala style. The two contrasting styles work very well to create a track that is sure to be appreciated by a lot of listeners. The track has crossed 4.8 million on YouTube in just one day.

What am i listening to

Will.Im Feet Scream and Shout by Britney Spears

“Scream and Shout” is catchy at its core and is sure to be with you for a long time. Britney Spears’s voice is heavily robotic and takes the song to the next level, matching the vibes of the oh-so-good beat. I found myself humming to the tune of the song many times. Will.i.am uses his signature style and completely kills the poem by delivering one of my all-time favorite hooks. It should definitely be in your playlist.

What should the world hear

Bad Guy by Eminem

Eminem released “Bad Guy” in 2013 as part of his eighth studio album Marshall Mathers LP2. The song is the sequel to the artist’s hit track.Stan”, Considered one of the greatest rap songs ever.

In the song, Eminem tells the story of Matthew Mitchell, who is said to be Stan’s younger brother, a character in the song “Stan”. In the song, Stan was an obsessive Eminem fan who did some disgusting acts because Eminem was not responding to her letters. Several years later, Stan’s younger brother has grown up and is behind Eminem seeking revenge, believing that Eminem is responsible for his brother’s death.

“Bad Guy” boasts great musical, cinematic parts that drag you into the dark world Eminem is attempting to create for his listeners. The songs are exceptional in true Eminem fashion and Eminem renders the songs using different delivery patterns. I am not going to give more details about the story of the song as it is worth experiencing. Listening to the song with the lyrics of the song in front of you will be ideal for getting every piece of the song in the true sense.

One of the best things about the song is that Eminem raps constantly as the music fades. In this part, the artist raps from the point of view of his conscience who speaks to him that the evil thing he has done will eventually catch him.

The entire song is golden, but the last verse steals the show like no other and will definitely make your hair stand out. Eminem is aware of his greatness and those he has often offended with character-driven songs. Eminem portrays various characters in his songs, which he does not necessarily represent in real life, but he takes personality and rap from his point of view, something like the actors in a film.

The last verse mentions the dirty things Eminem said in his songs. Eminem, portraying his conscience in a conversation with himself, sings: “Coming back, you insult / assault every woman, but the second-class you have / when it comes to your daughters.” Is / I represent everything you accept / ’cause is Marshall Matthews, the rapper’s personality / half-mask, and Matthew and Stan’s just symbolic / none of you know / what you had’ it Gone / ‘Cause after all the glitz and glam / There are no more fans calling you names / The cameras are off, sadly, but it happens to all of them. ” The lyrics are chilling and poignant to say the least. The song did not receive as much praise as its predecessor, but it is a true gem.

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