Trump Campaign Rolls Out Facebook Ads Calling for TikTok Ban

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign rolled out Facebook ads supporting the banning of the video-sharing app Tickcock, which has been under scrutiny over security issues.

Earlier this month, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the government was banning Chinese social media apps such as Tikkok, raising security concerns. Trump’s campaign is clearly urging his supporters to join the cause.

Facebook ads were shared on Twitter by ABC News ‘Will Steakin and the New York Times’ Taylor Lorenz with photos claiming “Ticktock spies you”.

The text on the ads says, “TickTalk has been caught red-handed monitoring your phone’s clipboard,” referring to a security issue that other apps like Apple’s iOS 14 like AccuWeather, AliExpress, Call of Duty Was also searched in mobile. , Google News, Overstock and Patron, as well as LinkedIn and Reddit.

The advertisement asks people to sign a petition to support the discussion to ban Tiktok. However, according to Lorenz, the link goes to a survey that adds a person’s information to a mailing list. “These ads are basically provoking anti-TicTalk / China sentiments and promote Trump’s mailing list to mislead users,” he said.

The ads were paid for by the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, and Bloomberg targeted an age range of 18 to 64, citing information primarily from Facebook’s ad library.

White House vs Tiktok

Chief of Staff Mark Meadows recently said that the White House could take action against Chinese apps such as Tickcock, not within weeks but within months, as they are reviewing the risks to national security.

Meanwhile, experts told that Tiktok is no more dangerous than other social media apps or online services, but is being singled out due to its connections with China.

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