Triller wants anyone who illegally streamed Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren to pay up

Triller wants anyone who illegally streamed Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren to pay up

Jake Paul defeated Ben Escrain in one of the biggest sports competitions of the year.

Jeff Kravitz / Getty Images for Triller

Triller wants every person who has illegally imposed a stream Jake Paul vs Ben Escairen PPV to pay.

In a statement posted on its website, Triller said it is giving the opportunity to those who have given the event a $ 49.99 to the company – the event’s original cost – of “one-time settlement”. In form and for their unlawful release. works “.

According to Triller, if they are not paid, the company will impose a full $ 150,000 fine on anyone illegally authenticating the material.

“VPNs all have to comply with each person’s actual IP address and stop the fight in Discovery,” Triller chief Matt St. Clair told Reuters.

“We will be able to identify each and every person, VPN or not, as each stream has a unique fingerprint embedded in the content.”

The request is linked to a lawsuit filed by Triller against the owners of the H3 podcast website, among others, who accused it of streaming the Jake Paul v. Ben Escaren incident. Triller believes that more than 2 million people saw the fight as illegal. The news in relation to the suit was earlier Broken by kevin iole. Triller believes it incurred a $ 100 million loss as a result of illegal streams.

“We’re taking this situation because it’s outright theft,” St. Clair said. “This is no different than walking into a store and stealing video games off the shelf.”

Despite piracy, Jake Paul vs. Ben Escrain was a massive success by most of the Matrix. Analysts believe the event to have sold somewhere between 1.2 and 1.6 million PPVs, a larger number than any recent boxing or MMA live event. However, Jake Paul finished the match by defeating Ben Escrain in the first round.

His brother, Logan Paul is set to battle Floyd Mayweather Jr. in June this year.

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