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Top International Fashion News of the Week | 06.03.22

Tiffany & Co will be in court and Nicki Minaj will be the face of Marc Jacobs’ new campaign. These stories and many more are part of our weekly roundup of international fashion news.

Milan Fashion Week ends with a Bang

Milan Fashion Week has ended for another season. The season’s hottest trends took the fashion world by storm, from Versace to Gucci to Prada. Prada was a standout with its collection of flowing skirts and boxy jackets that celebrated women’s history, as well as a range of tailored separates. Miuccia Prada, Co-Creative Director of Prada, stated that the collection was about the history and fashion of women. Raf Simons (Co-Creative Director at Prada) said, “I think about revolutionary moments in Prada’s history, so we echo them here.”

Matthieu Blazy was the first to make waves as Creative Director at Bottega Veneta. His collection featured the label’s latest signature style with an extra twist. The runway was filled with futuristic dresses, leather skirts with fringed pants, knee-high boots and knee-high boots. Along with the Pillow bag, the designer introduced the Kalimero bag. Bottega Veneta’s leather goods business is fundamentally pragmatic. It specializes in bags so it is about movement and going somewhere. There is a lot of craftsmanship in movement. It’s more fashion than fashion, in its timeless simplicity. Blazy said that this is part of the show’s silent power.

Paris Fashion Week Starts

As Milan Fashion Week finishes, Paris Fashion Week begins. The French Fashion Week will begin with Off-White and The Row shows. They presented fresh perspectives from brands we already know. The first took us on a ride aboard ‘Spaceship Earth’, with casual T-shirts, puffer jackets and oversized hats. The second took the trend of long sleeves to new heights, literally. It featured suits and tailoring with Avante-Garde-inspired silhouettes.

Rick Owens took his audience to the clouds. The models carried portable smoke machines, which plunged them into a fragrant world created by Aesop. His futuristic collection featured gothic elements that blended the two aesthetics into a world full of sequins and knitwear. The fashion show notes stated that beauty is a way to keep faith in times of heartbreak. Collections from Hermes, Balenciaga and Vivienne Westwood are still to be seen.

Cartier Files Lawsuit Against Tiffany & Co

Two of the largest jewelers in the world are going to court. Cartier accuses Tiffany & Co. of stealing trade secrets. According to court reports, Tiffany allegedly employed Megan Marino, a former Cartier junior manager, to work on its “high jewelry” collection. This collection includes pieces ranging from $50,000 to $10,000,000. Marino also allegedly downloaded confidential information from Cartier about a similar jewelry collection before she shared it with her colleagues at Tiffany.

Tiffany & Co. allegedly fired Marno after a Cartier investigation. According to the complaint, Tiffany & Co. “used title advancement and quick money to lure away an underqualified employee from a competitor, knowing that she lacked experience and knowledge to manage a high-level jewelry manager role.” Tiffany & Co. denied these allegations. A Tiffany&Co spokesperson stated that they “deny the baseless allegation” and would vigorously defend themselves.

Nicki Minaj fronts Marc Jacobs campaign

Marc Jacobs’ latest SS22 campaign features Nicki Minaj as the face. The campaign features Paloma and Sky Ferreira as well as Yung Lean. She wore a variety of blunt bang hairstyles and wore colorful jumpsuits, T-shirts from the ’90s, fishnet tights, and Kiki Boots. The campaign was shot by Harley Weir and features nostalgic images from the ’90s & ’00s with psychedelic visuals. Mena Suvari, the star of American Beauty 1999, recreated her iconic image, laying on a bed made of roses in a white baby shirt and lace-up platform shoes.

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