Top 9 things that have become useless by dint of being too popular, the fed up

We all agree that some fads have gone on for way too long and that we all get bored of certain things after they’ve taken center stage. From the moment something becomes too trendy there is a phenomenon of general disinterest in the thing and it’s normal, we are going to talk about a few examples of concepts that have become all rotten because of their popularity.

1. Airbnb

At the beginning it started well, we were well received, there was a real exchange with the hosts and they advised us of things to do in their cities. Then it became the big mess: we found ourselves renting stuff without ever meeting people with the only contact being a locker with a code to retrieve the key to the entrance, not to mention people who buy lots of apartments and rent them out preventing locals from staying in their own towns.

2. Fashions of the 80s

Stranger Things took “retro 80s” from cool new fashion to overdose super fast to sell merchandise. From clothes to music, it’s become anything in a few years until we’re fed up with new stupid music groups that use electro instruments and pump out 40-year-old stuff.

3. Social networks

At the beginning it was the thing supposed to bring us closer, to allow us to give birth to human projects on a large scale and to bring us to another level of respectful communion. Today it’s either a trick used by fifty-somethings who share images from the film The Cuties with a bullshit sentence in capital letters or make-up ads of people who make money off the backs of their subscribers to sell night creams. Yeah I’m a boomer so I don’t care.

4. Tourism

Since it has become fashionable to take beautiful photos in heavenly places to gain likes, tourism has become super boring, we literally have to queue to pass in certain places to wait for people to give the impression that they are all alone on their insta. Fortunately, we still have the Creuse to escape these fashions, at least until Kim Kardashian comes to make a story there.

Picture credits: Topito

5. Amusement parks

At one time it was the best thing in the world, pure pleasure, then it became the norm to tell ourselves that we were going to pay almost 90€ for an entrance ticket to queue and feel happy if we had done five attractions in the day. How about more expensive tickets to avoid queuing? Isn’t this the most abused concept in the history of leisure?

6. Star Wars

I can already see the fans yelling, but frankly, frankly, are we talking about the last trilogy and the series on Kenobi and on Bobba Fett? It’s become nonsense, we bring back dead characters to supposedly satisfy the fans and then we make them play a script that shits in the mouth of the first films all that to continue to make money on an overused license.

7. L’heroic fantasy

A few years ago it was a wonderful world known to a few passionate fans, then Game of Thrones arrived and everyone called their daughter Arya while tattooing dragons. And then it was too late, all the streaming platforms started making series of extremely variable quality, thinking that it was enough to put people with pointy ears and swords to do a good job of heroic fantasy. Sad world.

8. Internet

It was THE real promise of a new free world, with rules but also flaws, what freedom generally brings you will tell me. Then it became the playground of large multinationals who throw advertising at us to sell their products because we made the mistake only once five years ago of looking at the price of viagra pills.

9. Carpool sites

Yeah, we’ll be able to travel cheaper and meet new people, great because if the price of a ticket for a trip costs that of a month’s rent, it’s good to have an alternative. But that was before the thing rotted from the inside, people made a business out of it and a Reims – Bordeaux cost more than a second-hand car with a full tank unless it leaves at three o’clock in the morning and made a stopover in Poland.

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