Top 9 shows from our childhood that wouldn’t air today

Okay, today’s TV shows don’t skimp on shameful concepts (see worst reality show concepts), sexist slip-ups, or just plain awkward moments. We’re not going to make you believe that today’s TV is better than before. However, there are a few shows from our childhood that clearly wouldn’t belong in today’s PAF and that’s not bad.

1. Maité who bumps into animals live

For the respect of the animals, we will come back. And at the same time there was something rather exciting in this big blow of the cudgel on the head of the living poiscaille… No, it’s just me?

2. “Fort Boyard” when half the games were made to show big boobs

Well after there was a time when Patrice Laffont slapped Passe-partout so we were on another kind of move. I refer you to the great moments of discomfort in Fort Boyard.

3. Morandini who presented the worst show of all time

Already, basic, a program presented by Morandini that should put us on the alert. Sure, so even if he’s implicated in a minor hijacking, he’s still on the air on CNews (depressing, at best), but don’t forget that the show “Everything is possible revealed. And it was really the worst in the history of television creation. Subjects and unusual stories treated by this chic guy, it inevitably gives rise to a highly touted program (in which we will however have discovered Lolo Ferrari for the first time).

4. The program “Qui est qui” where you comment live on people’s looks

OK today we have Les Reines du Shopping and it’s morally much better in real life (no).

5. “Turn merry-go-round”

A program that stops at the beginning of the 90s and returns in 2009 presented by Cauet, that does not bode well. In short, you mainly remember this show for the parody that the Unknowns made of it (a masterpiece) and which barely caricatures reality…

6. Nagui and his micro-gun in “Don’t forget your toothbrush”

The show begins in 94. Presented by Nagui, it is strongly barred and insolent, itself parodying other TV games. People in the audience had to come with their suitcase (and therefore their toothbrush) because they could have to take either a flight to Mauritius (or to Lille at Maurice MDRR), at any time during the show.

If, on paper, it is rather golri, the candidates were led to undergo rather humiliating ordeals like destroying their own things to hope to have new ones, washing the feet of other people in the public, etc. the CSA began to tangle when Nagui used a microphone in the shape of a revolver to speak with his public.

7. The cowhide from Interville

She left us in 2020, she was exactly 20 years old. If she were the star of the show, it’s a safe bet that we wouldn’t dare to fuck a cow in stress today, forced to run around without getting caught for animal abuse.

Picture credits: Topito

8. “My incredible fiancé” a fine example of fatphobia

So you’re probably going to tell me: yes it’s reality TV, yes it’s shocking and no we’re not doing better today. To which I will reply that I agree with you. That’s it, end of discussion. Now that the terms are set, let’s still look at this show with a damn twisted concept.

A charming and slender candidate must pretend to form a couple with an actor (Laurent Ournac) and will collect the tidy sum of 200,000 euros if she manages to make her loved ones believe in their love. But her fake fiancé is not only obese but behaves like the filthiest of vulgos. Well yes because fat people are necessarily rednecks and who would want to marry them? A height of scandalous grossophobia even for its time (2005).

9. “The Bigdil” the real scandal has been going on for too long

Uh, I remind you that in the show we still have an alien held hostage. Yes, because Bill’s story is tragic: he crashes at studio 107 with his ship full of gifts that are robbed over each show. Not only is it organized gang theft, but no one cares about the health of this extraterrestrial who perhaps had a miracle solution to respect the Paris Agreements and limit global warming by 2100. what.

Do we see much difference with today’s TV? OK, I’ll grant you that. Frankly look at Arte, I see that.

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