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Top 9 series that completely abuse, we wouldn’t give a damn about ourselves?

Making a good series is good. Stopping when she’s had enough of a hit is even better. Because for years, we have been forced to type sequels to series that should clearly have stopped at season 1. And those that will follow are no exception to the rule. So, we say it once and for all: stop trying to keep your concept alive at all costs, it won’t work. Really.

1. The Bridgerton Chronicle which will release a prequel after two seasons

This is the great novelty of the Bridgerton saga: in 2023, a new series derived from The Bridgerton Chronicle will see the light of day under the name of Queen Charlotte : A Bridgerton Story. This prequel should tell the meeting between Queen Charlotte and King George. But between us, did we really need this when the series only has 2 seasons, and especially since we are supposed to have six more since there are eight books in total. No really, it’s no, you do anything Netflix! And look me in the eye when I talk to you!

2. How I Met Your Mother who created How I Met Your Father just to surf on the success of the 2000s

We are not going to return to the debate “Who Friendsof The Big Bang Theory or of How I Met Your Mother is the best series. On the other hand, the debate that we can close very quickly is if How I Met Your Father should have existed. And the answer is no, already because it’s really not a phew as a series, in particular because of the absence of former actors, and especially because we are full of the ass of these reboots of successful series of the years 2000. Will really have to stop and faster than that.

3. The Spartacus series that made a prequel after ONE season

So yes, yes, indeed, the main actor was too sick to play in the second season, hence the creation of this spin-off Arena Gods. But that doesn’t excuse everything, holograms do exist. They don’t do it to us.

4. Tomorrow belongs to us who launched a spin-off as if it were a really good series

Yes, we too often forget that the series Here it all starts is nothing but a spin-off of DNA, as the fans say, where instead of being adults on permanent contracts in a city where there’s way too much drama, they’re teenagers in a cooking school where there’s way too much drama. We would have clearly been fine without it, thank you.

5. The producers of The Walking Dead who said “How about we release 10,000 spin-offs? There will be one in the batch that will work”

Explain something to me: why, when we already have to do eleven seasons of The Walking Dead (which makes a good bunch of episodes), the prod felt compelled to produce four mini-series and four spin-offs, aka Fear the Walking Dead, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Tales of the Walking Dead and the next The Walking Dead : Dead City. STOOOOOOP! It’s too much, cut the cord after a while, it’s no longer possible.

6. The Witcher, which is already swinging a spin-off after two seasons

Amazing from Netflix? Not at all. Because even before the release of season 3 of the original series, the platform announced that the spin-off called The Witcher : Blood Origin would be out soon. This new series will chronicle the creation of the first witchers in a world ruled by elves. Maybe we had to finish with the basic series so as not to mix up the brushes, no???? Nope ??

7. The creators of Stranger Things who released feature films for us at the end of season 4

Let’s put aside the spin-off on the Upside-down which should be produced soon (as well as many other productions to come under the Upside Down Pictures label), while season 5 has not yet been released. WHAT ARE THESE 17 HOURS EPISODES IN SEASON 4 THERE????? It’s completely nimp, finally! Where are we going??? How about three hour episodes while we’re at it? I would have watched The Lord of the Rings in long version if I had known!

8. La Casa de Papel which pulled the rope as much as possible

Hello, we have a concept that works a little, so we’re going to exhaust it until people are disgusted by it, even if it means doing anything with our series. This is what was said in the offices of the creators of the series when they realized that season 1 of The Money Heist thrilled the crowds. As a result, we had four more seasons in 14,000 completely surreal games, including three seasons to talk about a single robbery that we would clearly have done better not to watch. Next time, abstain, shit!

9. Squid-Game which will launch its derivative reality TV

Another proof that it goes too far with Squid Game. After seeing its series break all records, Netflix thought that, borf, frankly, it would be worth pushing the concept to the end, right? Suddenly, a reality show will be launched, with 456 people who will compete in games similar to the series for 4.56 million dollars. If no one is going to die (and fortunately), we are still on a nice big shitty idea, and above all a sign that we really have to stop wanting to surf on a success without a good idea behind it. SERIES CREATORS, WE ARE TALKING TO YOU!

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