Top 9 of the most unusual regional festivals in France

What is good about traditional regional festivals is that they allow all kinds of regressive pleasures, in the first place those which consist of rediscovering one’s soul as a kid for the space of a few hours. It’s certainly not much, but it’s well worth any facelift!

1. The Festival of the Unusual in Mahalon and its wheeled bed race

We don’t mess around with humor in Finistère! Every year, the Festival de l’Insolite attracts lovers of anything and everything with its famous roller bed race, not to mention its Dance of the Ducks competition bringing together more than 500 participants at each edition, all for a guaranteed festival. “Armor of laughter”! (Editor’s note. We decline all responsibility for this play on words registered in the heritage of Finistère).

2. The Round of Brigands in Corrèze

A mixture of the cartoon “Les Fous du Volant” and the “24 Hours of Le Mans” race, the Ronde des Brigands brings together each year in the town of Masseret, around sixty teams of 4 drivers who ride their mopeds, dressed in disguises improbable, for a 24-hour non-stop race on a 3km loop.

A great moment of fun, all the more delirious as the first edition did not provide for disguises, it was the participants who, spontaneously, showed up in costumes each crazier than the other. An initiative that has since become the trademark of these motorized bandits.

3. The slip party in Montcuq

In July 2016, the first edition of the panty festival took place in the town of Montcuq in tribute to the TV show Le Petit Rapporteur which in 1976 had allowed the town to be known to the general public. Note that the event has since experienced some hazards and has taken several winds despite the efforts of the organizers who promised to put the package. Repeated cancellations which unfortunately risk leaving some traces!

4. The Port de Sibiril Festival and its winkle spitting contest

This town near Roscoff is famous for its winkle spitting track 20 meters long and 3 meters wide. This hosts international competitions in the discipline, particularly during its Port Festival, which is held every year in August. World record to beat: spitting winkles from 11.04 meters away! For the anecdote, the test would have been invented one day by CRS in search of action. Swear, spit!

5. The Lemon Festival in Menton

Every year, for two weeks, hundreds of thousands of spectators flock to the Lemon Festival to admire gigantic sculptures, some over 10 meters high that make the eyes sparkle, while citrus floats parade on the well called promenade du Soleil to the rhythm of frenzied brass bands.

6. Day of the Dead in Barcelonnette

This town in the Southern Alps has maintained its Mexican roots since the 19th century, born of its 3,000 inhabitants of the Ubaye valley who left at the time to make their fortune in America and more particularly in Mexico. Back in the country, the latter had sumptuous mansions built in the Latino style, as well as a cemetery in tune. Every year, the inhabitants of Barcelonnette commemorate this transatlantic link and organize their own Day of the Dead… Mexican sauce of course!

7. The andouille and pickle festival in Bèze

Every August 15, the village of Bèze hosts a gustatory orgy that concludes with a competition for the fastest eater of floured andouille sausages! A specialty during which each participant must swallow 1 kilo 200 grams of flour-covered tripe as quickly as possible, all with her hands tied behind her back! Strangely, the event would attract fewer and fewer candidates, the organizers being tempted to replace the andouille with a much more appetizing pastry called “Andou-Bèze”. Note that the funds collected during this festival are donated to associations that help children with orphan diseases. A good Bèze for a good cause.

8. The pesked festival in Guilvinec and its langoustine shelling competition

The fish festival is the occasion each April for the ladies to measure their talent in shelling langoustines in record time. The latter would currently be 3 minutes and 32 seconds to peel 100 langoustines, i.e. 2.12 seconds each.

9. The Red Love Festival in Châteaugiron

Brittany, always in “red” free, honors each year around August 25, the men and women with the hair of fire in the commune of Châteaugiron. Not sectarian for a bit, the event is open to all around concerts, DJ sets, good food and not necessarily red beers.

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