Top 9 differences between flirting in France and abroad

Hello backpackers, those who like to see the country and discover other cultures. Today we’re going to talk about flirting, since it’s a subject that always interests you (don’t pretend you’re innocent, we know it very well). And in terms of flirting or romantic relationships, well, it doesn’t happen the same in all countries. Let’s even say that there are sometimes big differences between flirting in France and abroad. So BE CAREFUL, we are sometimes going to generalize a bit in this top, and it must be kept in mind that EVERYONE does not flirt in the same way within the same country (as with us, ultimately), but it However, there are cultural tendencies in terms of flirting that can be observed here and there. And PLEASE NOTE, this is not an ultimate guide to go shopping abroad, this top aims above all to inform you. The key word in terms of flirting will remain the same everywhere around the world: respect above all.

1. In Mexico, you are not in a relationship until you have made an official request.

For once, it is a practice deeply rooted in Mexican culture: when you date a person and you want to be in a relationship with them, you have to ask them. And we’re not talking about a slightly subtle request or what, no, it’s clearly: « Do you want to be my boyfriend/girlfriend? » (or in French : “Do you want to be my boyfriend/girlfriend? ») If you have not gone through this stage with a Mexican man or woman, then you are not in a relationship with this person. At best, you are two people having a good time together. With us, we don’t necessarily need to formalize this “partnership”, it depends on everyone’s will.

2. In the United States, you don’t kiss before the third date.

The rule may tend to become more flexible with the new generations, or even completely disappear, but many remain attached to this principle. When you date someone, you have to wait for the third date to kiss (whereas with us it tends to be faster than that). It is certainly a little less spontaneous than in France, but it has the merit of sorting out and avoiding a good number of charos. By the way, know that Americans who are attached to traditions do not go to bed before the fourth, fifth or sixth date either.

3. In Germany, when it comes to picking up heterosexuals, women take the initiative more easily

If in France many consider that it is up to the man to take the first step (yes, it is archaic, but it still persists a lot), this is not the case in Germany. There, the men tend to be a little less enterprising when it comes to flirting, and it’s the women who take matters into their own hands more easily. That does not mean that it is forbidden to flirt with a woman when you are a man, it is always well accepted, on the other hand it is always forbidden to be a big jerk.

4. In Quebec, women also take the initiative more often

A little like the Germans, Quebecers flirt a little more subtly than here. Concretely, this means that men are less naughty and enterprising: if a woman does not show them that she is interested, they will not do much. As a result, women take the lead a little more when they are attracted to someone. A way of doing things that seems rather pleasant for everyone, after all.

5. English people often wait to be drunk to flirt

We feel sorry for our friends across the Channel because it sounds like a big cliché, but it’s an observation shared by many: English men and women tend not to flirt too much until they don’t have a good shot in the nose. On the other hand, once the alcohol is there, everything can happen very frontally and even quite awkwardly. Of course, again, this is just a generalization (luckily for those who don’t drink), but there is still some truth in it. Ah dear, holy English.

6. The Italians go there even more honestly than the French

If French guys are already seen as heavyweights (which they often are, it must be admitted), well know that Italian guys are generally worse. Over there, street flirting – did you say harassment? – is even more common than here, and it is part of the landscape. Be careful, that doesn’t mean that the famous romantic Italians don’t exist, but be careful not to dream too much either if you set foot on the other side of the Alps.

7. In Belgium, Wallonia and Flanders do not have the same codes

We haven’t bothered you with the particularities of each corner of the United States (although there are some), but what’s funny with Belgium, where the Wallonia/Flanders rivalry is often put forward, is that the two regions really have two different ways of flirting. Flanders is reputed to be more subtle, slower and nonchalant: we send each other subtle signs and we can make several appointments before getting caught. In Wallonia, flirting is a little more direct: we try to make the other person laugh, we go dancing with them, and the girls are more enterprising. Two rooms, two atmospheres.

8. In Turkey, it pays to be patient

As the country is quite traditional, cruising there is generally as well. This means that the man must invite the woman to multiple appointments (cinema, tea, restaurant, etc.) before even considering a simple kiss after several weeks. It is better not to be too hasty or too enterprising.

9. The Japanese are very shy

Both men and women, the Japanese are pretty much the opposite of the insider who will openly flirt. In terms of seduction, they are rather shy but extremely romantic and will show that they like each other with small gestures or subtle little phrases. The slightly less romantic point is that the two will quickly make sure of the other’s good social situation if they want it to get serious (it’s better to have big moola). There are of course exceptions, but it remains a strong trend.

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