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Top 8 useful tips for getting good deals at Action

One day we told you about the stuff we all do at Action. And we realized that we had some big fans of the brand around here. And between fans we understand each other, that’s why it was high time to share tips to take full advantage of this hard discount paradise.

1. Consult the catalog regularly

Yes, as with all major brands, the Action catalog balances promos in preview. It’s not crazy news but for the suckers who think that catalogs are useless, well know that you are very stupid.

2. For the best promotions: come on Wednesdays

Quite simply because it is the day when the promotions are put on the shelves. So if you want to rock the vibe with your guy and don’t have time to mess around, plan your date on Wednesday. Well, is planning your outing to Action something that makes you depressed? Certainly.

3. To be cushy, you should rather come in the morning: and NOT on Wednesday or Saturday

That’s pretty logical, since everyone’s hot on promos, stores are blindax on Wednesdays, so if you don’t give a shit about bargains and only want to go to Action for your personal cultivation, it’s possible to go there rather in the morning on weekdays ideally. Put down your morning in fact, it’s not complicated.

4. Don’t wait to get something you want

The concept of Action is to do cheap stuff for a limited period. So when you see something that sticks with you, grab it without hesitation because tomorrow it might be gone to lost Action promo heaven AND YOU WILL LOOK GOOD.

5. You can tell which products are permanent by looking at the label

No, but WHAAAAAAAT? It would indeed seem that the labels with a vertical bar indicate that the product will not be in stock for long and that we will not be able to order it (and therefore that we must hurry to nab it). If, on the other hand, the label is highlighted in neon, this means that the product is part of the top 100 of the best-selling items and therefore that it will regularly be back in stock in the store.

6. We can bring back bad purchases

Just because it’s hard discount doesn’t mean we don’t give a damn. In short, something purchased that does not work, even if it cost 2 euros, will naturally be taken back by the store on invoice.

7. …except for glass

Yes, don’t overdo it. If you buy a set of wine glasses and drop them when you get home, they won’t be taken back from you. However, it happens that this kind of object is already chipped on the shelf in which case be careful before going to the checkout so as not to end up with something broken that you cannot bring back. Quite logical actually.

8. Pick up tips from the most useful Facebook group in human history

“Action… an addiction”

We should have started there.

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