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Top 8 politicians who take a huge wind, it’s mind-blowing

Not long ago we shared with you the worst videos of drunk presidential candidates (it wasn’t glorious). To stay in the same vein, we have the joy of looking today at the worst zefs in the history of politics and you will see that fucks the female dog for them.

1. Valérie Pécresse who is tej in power by Teddy Riner and Leïla Slimani

Hello sadness: the freewheeling Pécresse warms up a little by saying that she would offer the two wags to join her government as ministers, those to which the athlete and the writer answered in the negative. Leïla Slimani even declared “Nothing would horrify me more”. Unofficially, I even believe that she would have said “Pretty puking of the ass”, but it is to be confirmed.

Contrary to what candidate LR hoped, neither Leïla Slimani, nor Teddy Riner, nor General De Villiers seem willing to join her government if she is elected President of the Republic.

Posted by The Independent on Saturday, March 19, 2022

2. Lilian Thuram who refused to be Minister for Diversity under Sarkozy in 2008

The 98 champion was necessarily in the heart of the football fan president. Nevertheless, he declined the proposal considering that even Sarko was not the greatest bearer of human and anti-racist values.

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3. François Mitterand by Patrick Poivre d’Arvor

It was 1988, the journalist then star of the PAF (and not yet bothered by the accusations that were to come against him three decades later) saw himself receiving “pretty implausible” offers according to his words, by the President. But since PPDA is really someone with great integrity, well, he said no. She is truly a beautiful person with exemplary morals.

4. Jean-Pierre Pernaut refused Nicolas Dupont-Aignan’s proposal

Incredible but true, JPP took his refusal to the grave. I’m not telling you about the atomic wind in NDA’s face.

5. Woodkid who files a complaint for illegal use of his music in a video in support of Eric Zemmour

This is what happens when you mess with copyright.

The singer announces to file a complaint after the use of the song Iron in a video of support for Eric Zemmour produced by the group Génération Zemmour.

Posted by BFM People on Tuesday, November 30, 2021

6. Emmanuel Macron who takes a wind on his lame spelling

At the same time, I find it already too boring when people text you back on a word you spelled badly, I wouldn’t have liked to be in his place.

7. Manuel Valls for his entire career

After a while, it’s more a wind that he took, it’s a hurricane of Franco-Iberian contempt.

8. Nicolas Dupont-Aignan for his whole life

Our favorite candidate of the election. Be nice, vote for him he hurts too much.

Positive for Covid-19 for ten days, the sovereignist and anti-sanitary pass candidate is again faced with the departure of collaborators, while he is struggling to campaign.

Posted by The world on Tuesday, December 21, 2021

And you, would you rather take a wind or eat the skin of the kiwi?

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