Top 8 people who have no luck at all with the Lotto, the seum of the seum

Earning a lot of money all at once can be the most beautiful thing that happens to us in the world (but also the worst). But the worst is also to see the sum go under the nose. Investigate these unfortunate people who have an interstellar seum linked to the lottery.

1. This couple who does not participate in the Euromillions exactly the day their usual numbers fall

It’s set in 2021. This British couple used to play the same Euromillions numbers every week. So they funded an account that automatically played the same numbers every week. And wham, on February 26, 2021, no more cash on the account which had not been replenished in time to participate in the draw of the day. And again, the couple’s favorite numbers came out well that day. 210 million euros which will not be paid to them. So yes I think we can talk about the worst timing in history.

Two young Britons play the same numbers every week in the European lottery. But on Friday, they missed the jackpot because they forgot to validate their numbers.

Posted by The Dauphine Libere on Thursday, March 4, 2021

2. These people who play the right lotto numbers, but at the Euromillions

A tidy sum of 23,000 euros which will not return to this young couple. This is what happens when you don’t choose the right basket to put your eggs in. Like what, playing on Friday the 13th is not always a guarantee of success. Between us I would have had less balls to catch an orphan disease while preparing a coffee.

They could have won more than 23,000 euros if they had played the right lottery. But destiny decided otherwise

Posted by on Tuesday, May 17, 2022

3. This guy who thought he had won but didn’t.

His winning numbers are announced on TV for the big national lottery. 880,000 euros in the pocket. Problem, a short breakdown took place during the emission obliging to cancel the gains. Personally, I would have complained.

4. This guy who won the Lotto but it ended very badly

Billie Harrell is a nice guy. When he receives 31 million dollars, he passes it on to all the struggling people around him, to his family. But lots of people would like to benefit from such generosity and start harassing him. His family is collapsing. Billie divorces then commits suicide. Yet another clear proof that the lottery can ruin lives.

5. This presenter who misses his number while giving the draw

John Crow is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. By giving the winning numbers, he confuses the 6 and the 9. The payment of the tickets is therefore suspended and many people have had the misfortune to believe they have won when BAH NAN IN FACT YOU CRU WHAT YOU CRU YOU DESERVED ?

He confused the 6 and the 9, resulting in a temporary suspension of ticket payments

Posted by NEWS on Friday, May 13, 2022

6. This woman who filed a complaint against the tobacconist who had lost her ticket

We no longer count the number of lost Lotto tickets. The height of seum. In this case, we will never know if it was a winning ticket, we just know that the tobacconist dropped it in an inaccessible corner. The client therefore decided to sue la Française des jeux for “loss of luck”.

7. This guy who never claimed his 6 million euro winnings

The 60-day period being exceeded, this is called hanging balls, glands, boogers.

[VIDÉO] – A winner of 6 million euros has always claimed his winnings. At the end of a period of 60 days, his schedule was cancelled. The jackpot will be rolled over in a special draw.

Posted by LCI on Sunday, April 17, 2022

8. This guy who lost his ticket and therefore had to share his kitty

And at the same time spin 12 million euros to the person who allowed you to get your hands on your winning ticket of 163 million euros, it’s fair game.

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