Top 8 of the stars who hit each other, are you not well?

We’ve already told you about the actors who got in on the face while filming, but can you imagine that it’s not just the actors that get into a fight! Sensitive souls abstain, the following points could offend your sensitivity. What a bunch of bullies. Stop guys, let’s calm down. As this beautiful proverb unearthed on FB in the 2010s would say “make love, not war, condoms cost less than nuclear bombs”.

1. Chris Brown et Frank Ocean

Like what, we don’t all have the same problems, huh… In January 2013, it was for a dirty story of… parking (yes yes) that the two men ended up coming to blows. No, but, do you realize: Frank Ocean had dared to block the entrance to a recording studio with his car. Wow, too violent. According to TMZ, and as a guy not loose for a penny, Brown would have pushed Ocean to the ground, then would have asked his team to take care of breaking his face. Class.

Credits photo (CC BY 2.0) : Frank_Ocean_Coachella_2012_2.jpg: david_hwang

2. Chris Brown (definitely) and Drake

A small evening in a club that turns out badly for the two singers, in June 2013. The reason for the discord: Drake would have boasted of sleeping with Rihanna (that is, Chris’ ex). Punches, throwing bottles, then general fight: when things go wrong between these two, it’s not for fun. And, guys, you know Riri is pregnant ASAP, hehe? It was well worth fighting for. Well… Since then, the two exes of queen Rihanna have visibly reconciled since they have released several featuring!

3. Orlando Bloom et Justin Bieber

Summer 2014, in a small restaurant in Ibiza, Orlando Bloom meets the young singer with a wick and decides to give him a straight line, for a rather vague reason. Fortunately, he doesn’t aim very well (a question of cocktails, maybe?) and passes a few centimeters from him. Leonardo DiCaprio, quietly sipping a small drink a few tables away, applauded. Moral: does anyone have the address of this restaurant where you can meet Leonardo, Justin and Orlando on the same day? Please ? It’s for a friend.

4. Solange Knowles et Jay-Z

Solange is Beyoncé’s sister, and therefore, Jay-Z’s sister-in-law. In 2014, images from a video surveillance of the Standard Hotel in New York show her kicking the rapper, in an elevator. The reason: she did not agree to her brother-in-law coming out in a club. Uuuuuh Okkkkk. It’s a bit of a radical reaction, isn’t it?

5. Booba and Kaaris

Octagon without ruleeeeeee. Remember. On August 1, 2018, in Hall 1 at Orly airport, a fight from another world broke out between the two rappers, who hit each other with bottles of Allure Homme Sport perfume (uncommon, you have to say). A short trip to prison and 50,000 euros in fines later, all’s well that ends well…. NAH, I’M JOKING. On December 25, Booba relaunched hostilities, offered Kaaris an “octagon without rules” and Hanouna offered to organize the fight. BUT WHAT THE DAMN? There’s nothing wrong with this story, bug. Fortunately, this spectacle of hatred and violence will never take place, Kaaris having decided to retract. Like what, it’s not with your fists that you shine the most, huh.

6. Jack White et Jason Stollsteimer

A small jump in time (but not too much either): heading to 2003. Jack White, leader of the White Stripes and Jason Stollsteimer, singer of the Von Bondies, meet in a nightclub (decidedly) in Michigan. It is White who hits his rival, seven times, for a question of joint album production. He is fined and… made to take anger management classes.

7. Lucy Liu et Bill Murray

On the set of Charlie’s Angels, Bill Murray allows himself to criticize Lucy Liu‘s acting. The star’s response: a potato in the face. Not so funny the funny lady! According to rumors, it is for this reason that Murray would have refused to shoot in the second film.

8. Kenza Farah and Léa Castel

In December 2012, the two RnB singers allegedly fought backstage at a concert. According to Léa Castel, her rival would have attacked her from behind, and would have tried to sequester her. A version denied by Sheryfa Luna, witness of the scene, who would have assured that the two women hit each other on their own, and that the scene would have lasted a handful of seconds. Indeed, it’s still not exactly the same… In any case, does it make you feel a bit like reading the names “Sheryfa Luna”, “Léa Castel” and “Kenzah Farah” in the same point? Ahhhhhh nostalgia, when you hold us…

9. Bonus: Michael Youn and Jean Dujardin (for fakes… But still)

The two actors respectively played Billy the Kid and Lucky Luke in the eponymous film. So, bah… Necessarily… When they find themselves in a bar a few days after the release of the feature film, they decide to reproduce a scene from the film and begin to simulate a small fight. Small problem: the social security does not understand at all that it is for fun, and everything goes into a spin. They finally end up at the police station for the night. Ouspie oops the joke that goes into a lollipop!

Do you know what it is the height for a fruit?… Take a peach in the middle of the pear, then fall into apples, after having brought back your strawberry, and all that for plums! That’s it for me, thank you.

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