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Top 8 of the most outrageous celebrity posts, aren’t you ashamed?

Did you like the scandals at the court of the kings of France? Perfect, because we’re going to stay on the scandal. But that’s about the only thing the two topics have in common, since the top content here probably won’t help you ever win a Question for a champion. These are just posts from stars on the networks that make you want to slap.

1. Kylie Jenner who hesitates between her private jets

Kim K’s sister”>posted a photo of her and her boyfriend Travis Scott on the tarmac, surrounded by their private jets and their Rolls-Royce, all accompanied by a nice caption: “Do we take yours or mine?” ». While the planet is burning, and while half the world is starving, the girl wonders which private jet to use.

2. Chris Brown who bragged on Instagram about harassing women

Singer Chris Brown was already known for hitting Rihanna on several occasions when they were a couple, but instead of being small, the guy bragged a few years later about harassing women. In a video he shared on Insta, he said these sentences that just make you want to puke: “Girls, you all complain about guys who are, like, stalkers to you, a little crazy and you never get tired of it. Well you know what, I’m one of those guys […] If I love you, bitch, I ain’t gonna let nobody have you. I will make you miserable. » The worst thing is that this guy still has hundreds of millions of fans around the planet. It freaks out.

3. Thomas Vergara posting his scratch tickets

In 2016, the guy from Nabilla, who is as wealthy as his girlfriend, posted a photo on Instagram where he was holding a dozen Cash scratch tickets, adding that he hoped to win. As if he needed that. As if he was in need. As if we were going to hope with him that he hits the jackpot. We respect the success of others, but it stops there.

4. Sarah Michelle Gellar who forgets that not everyone has their body

Just before Thanksgiving 2018, the actress buffy the vampire slayer had posted a series of photos of her in lingerie. The photos themselves were nothing shocking, but the accompanying caption was a bit more: “I’m going to hang these pictures all over my house to remind myself not to overeat on Thursday night. » A somewhat grossophobic and quite toxic message for his fans who could suffer from eating disorders. Surely it started with a good intention, but the result was a bit outrageous.

5. Zayn Malik, who asked his fans to donate money to treat a friend’s cancer

The former member of One Direction had posted in 2017 a message on Twitter to ask his fans to finance the treatment of the best friend of his mother, suffering from cancer. It’s very nice, but knowing that he himself was already broke at the time, and therefore able to pay for the operation which cost 120,000 pounds, the request was particularly indecent.

6. Shy’m, who posted a photo of a dead animal

During the filming of the show Wild where she was going on an expedition with Mike Horn, Shy’m had the wonderful idea of ​​posting a photo of a dead animal. Of course, she got screwed on the networks, but she still wanted to defend herself by explaining that she was opening up to other cultures. Ok, but no need to post pictures of dead animals either.

7. Benzema and his “dream” vacation

Be careful huh, we like KB9, but his Insta post with the video of his vacation, it’s just an ordeal to watch. That he’s having a rich holiday is obviously his right, but to make a clip of it with sports cars, private jets, close-ups of car brands and his gold jewelry, it screams a little : “LOOK AT MY MONEY, LOOK HOW RICH I AM”. Knowing that a good part of his fans struggle to finish each month, it’s in very bad taste.

8. Laurent Correia walking around with bags of money

You probably don’t know him, but know that he is a girl’s guy who does reality TV. Now they have their own reality show, the JLC Family, and… well who cares. The thing is that to promote this famous show, the guy had posted a photo of himself where he was walking around with bags filled with wads of tickets. A very tasteful post, as you can imagine. What’s worse is that he repeated it shortly after with another post of the same style, based on a Vuitton bag filled with money. The guy is incorrigible.

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