Top 8 billionaires who are still really nice

Crossing paths with generous bosses in life is not given to everyone. But apart from this managerial universe full of common sense, know that there are also very rich people who are not totally devoid of soul. So I warn you I don’t know them personally so I hope Mediapart won’t reveal in a few years that they actually love fetal broth for breakfast. In the meantime, we have selected for you the billionaire people who have decided to do cool stuff for others.

However, I decided to voluntarily avoid people like Jeff Bezos, Zuckerberg or Musk. Certainly they are billionaires and they give a lot of dough but they participate just as much in the destruction of the planet and their typically American philanthropy based on a purely capitalist system does not convince me at all. So hi guys. It’s my top, I do what I want.

1. The Patagonia boss who bequeaths his box to environmental protection associations

Yvon Chouinard doesn’t just have a funny name, he also has a beautiful soul. This man at the head of one of the largest sportswear companies (estimated at 3 billion dollars) has decided to bequeath his company to an NGO which will donate all the annual profits (estimated at 100 million dollars) in actions to preserve threatened habitats.

2. Oprah Winfrey

She is one of the billionaires who started from nothing and that did not prevent her from being particularly generous in facial expressions during her interviews on the one hand but also through her donations of 37 million dollars to numerous associations working for women’s rights, which makes her a very generous rich person.

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3. Warren Buffett

Certainly the richest man on the planet to whom we owe the largest donations. Hundreds of millions of dollars have thus been bequeathed to organizations in particular dedicated to the development of contraception. If girls in the United States have the possibility of wearing an IUD, it is undoubtedly thanks to this brave man.

4. Jeremy Grantham

A billionaire per se is just someone richer than all the rich put together. But a billionaire focused on ecology is immediately more interesting. This is how Jeremy Grantham, after making his fortune, decided to devote 98% of his income to the environment. We can say what we want but it’s really nice, me when I only received the minimum wage, I spent like not even 0.5% of my salary on the environment so this kind of generosity commands my admiration. What the fuck are you poor doing chhh?

5. Mackenzie Scott

In the intro to this top, I promised myself not to tell you about Jeff Bezos. On the other hand, his ex wife MacKenzie, I have right. After having inflated her slim fortune from 38 to 60 billion dollars following their divorce, the novelist passed on all this money collected to humanitarian causes, all this in a particularly disinterested way without asking for any control over the use of her donations. which takes it away from the traditional patronage to which we were accustomed. One hell of a woman.

Since her divorce in 2019, the ex-wife of Jeff Bezos, the wealthy boss of Amazon, has distributed 12 billion dollars…

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6. Richard Branson

The Virgin boss is a pretty cool kind of boss. He thus decided in his will that all his property and his fortune would be used to build a more “healthy, equitable and peaceful world for future generations”. Well it doesn’t get too wet, you tell me. But during his lifetime, he’s already done some pretty nifty things like creating a research think tank to drastically reduce industrial carbon emissions. Good bah here it is more sympathetic than to invest all its fortune in the production of AK-47 for example.

7. Chuck Feeney

So he really is a case. Founder of Duty free Shoppers, he simply spent the last 40 years of his life getting rid of his estimated $8 billion fortune. Charities, donations to individuals, Chuck Feeney has made his generosity a full-time job.

8. Bernard Arnault

According to several sources close to the richest man in France, Bernard Arnault has decided to limit himself to vegetarian meals when traveling by private jet. Ah uh no wait, I am told in the headset that in fact he will just remove the beef. Ah uh no wait, I am told in the headset that in fact there is nothing to beat and that we are going to fuck our races. Ah good ok ok well okay.

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