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Top 8 biggest slaps in the history of TV, a hell of a helping hand

If you don’t live in a bunker in New Zealand, you’ve probably learned that Will Smith has an underdeveloped sense of humor when it comes to girlfriend jokes (see Will Smith’s best slap reactions) . The opportunity for us to dive back into the biggest slaps in the history of television.

1. Will Smith et Chris Rock

Couldn’t have missed it, it’s about the only event to remember from the last Oscars ceremony. Chris Rock makes a joke about Jada Pinkett-Smith – who has a shaved head due to alopecia. Will Smith laughs. Then Will Smith laughs at all and goes on stage to stick a mandal to the comedian. The whole world is unwell.

2. Joey Starr and Gilles Verdez

We remember this ultra embarrassing moment when Gilles Verdez came to chat to Didier like he’s his best friend before remembering that Joey Starr has a poorly developed sense of physical contact. If we obviously condemn this violent gesture, we cannot say that we do not really see it coming.

3. Patrice Laffont

It’s old and yet it’s still etched in our memories. Certainly Patrice Laffont denounces an unfair accusation with this video which was republished only to harm him when at the time of the antenna broadcast, everyone did not care. Still, it does not breathe much of the good spirit.

4. Francis Lalanne and a journalist from Quotidien

Coming from Francis Lalanne, we now expect anything and everything. In 2021, while he was taking part in a gathering of yellow vests fairly focused on the fight against the vaccine pass, the singer did not at all appreciate the arrival of the journalistic team and began to hit them (this which he at least disputes). In short, if it weren’t totally pathetic, it would be a little bit hilarious.

5. Mila Jovovitch on the Ardisson plateau

Ouaiiiiiiiiis okayyyyyyy it’s not a giiiiifle it’s just that she throws a glass of float in the void after Ardisson made him a reflection on his father. So much the better for the host who made it a cult sequence of his show Everybody talks about it.

6. Will Smith (him again) with a Ukrainian journalist


Ok well it was in 2012 calm down. At the time the actor was on promotion in Moscow for Men in Black 3 et a Ukrainian journalist would then have tried to kiss her on the mouth (not a great approach, you will agree). So he gave him a slap oklm. This guy is a bit tight from the thong all the same.

7. William Leymergie and Jean-Philippe Viaud

Accused of having adopted a violent behavior towards the theater columnist of his morning which would have more precisely consist of an attempt to strangle pure and simple of his person. We are not really on a slap, I grant you, but we are of course a violent type of person.

8. Sofia Vegara et Jimmy Kimmel

The star host receives the Colombian actress. They both read the negative comments sent to them on the internet just to have a good laugh. When Jimmy Kimmel reads a comment that evokes the legend that Sofia Vegara has a penis, she gives him one. But I ASSURE YOU, in reality it’s mostly a sketch and no sincere slap in the face for the actress who breaks down by answering “Mine is bigger than yours”. Some people know how to laugh.

And you, do you like to slap your baker when you’ve asked for a baguette that’s not overcooked and the baguette he’s selling you isn’t overcooked but just a little bit?

Sources : Le Figaro

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