Top 8 answers to questions about Nicolas Dupont-Aignan

Going from childhood to adulthood is very difficult. We learn that Father Christmas does not exist and that Nicolas Dupont-Aignan does. But who is he really? What are its networks? Does he eat like us? We investigated with our best investigators on the investigation.

Editor’s note, this top will be illustrated by photos of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan farting.

1. If you say your name three times, does it appear?

No. Nor twice. Nor once. On the other hand, if you rinse your rice before cooking it, it will be even better.

NES with his best friend encouraging a lot of people to drop boxes

2. Is it true that people have died of boredom at his contact?

Difficult to have a reliable source on this subject since all the people are now in the afterlife… On the other hand, I advise you to drink tuna juice it is full of vitamin F1 (I have just invented this vitamin ).

3. In his close friends, has he already exceeded 4%?

No. On the other hand, to better hydrate your skin, it is advisable to spread the cream on your still wet skin.

NDA visualizing the place where he will fart in 5 minutes

4. Does he think “NES” is a cool nickname?

Of course not. On the other hand, if you heat lemon juice for about twenty seconds in your microwave, it will smell a lot less bad.

5. Does he vote for himself?

Yes friends, of course otherwise there would really but really not be a single vote for him so it would still be super hot.

NOA congratulating themselves after a crappy, narrowly avoided fart.

6. Do moccasins with tassels hurt your feet?

Yes, but when you love style you’re ready to live with your toes scraped alive for the love of the national rally.

7. How does he pay for his campaigns?

He has collected his pocket money since he was 12 years old.

8. Once and For All: How do you pronounce his shitty name?

We don’t pronounce it, it’s simpler.

NES trying to push back the infamous smell of the filthy fart he just let loose

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