Top 7 objects that made us laugh this week #55

Are you more of a Sunday stroll or at home under the plaid to stay warm in front of a series and no one to come and piss you off? To each his Sunday I want to tell you. Enough embroidery for this intro, let’s enjoy it: a garden gnome to brighten up yours, balls to de-stress you, military fangs to go shopping, a nice anthology of very stupid objects for this 55th week.


Yes, it is indeed the object that made you react the most this week: this pretty dwarf drunk on the public highway. We are not congratulating you.


Returning to the office is difficult? Jean-Marie from finance (to change accounting) is on your back all the time? You can let off steam thanks to these magnificent testicles to be placed under your desk (neither seen nor known), and mix them as hard as you want to crush those of Jean-Marie. “You let us go JM now, ok???? »


“Mooooooooooooo” is the only word, if it’s a word, that comes to mind at the sight of this little costume. It’s already cold so this little pumpkin hat will protect her little head from colds, and it’s in season because it follows fashion.


The perfect outfit for any occasion. Take out the trash cans? Crocs-mili. Go to the market ? Crocs-mili. First day of work? Crocs-mili. Your marriage ? Crocs mili. All the occasions we tell you.


Because winter is going to be long and we already want to snuggle up in our sofa with a big plaid, we have found the ultimate object of cocooning, this mega maxi pouf guaranteed comfort.


Halloween is coming and here is the perfect accessory to terrorize the whole neighborhood. Each evening, choose a different neighbor to terrorize, it’s the perfect approach technique to be seen in the neighborhood.


We put it in the useless category but we could also have put it in the essential category, these little valves are so adorable.

Don’t forget to call your parents.

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