Top 7 important events that have been swept under the rug, hush, shut up

It’s probably happened to you to do something stupid and try to quickly forget it by diverting attention, like pretending to cough to cover the sound of a fart. It’s normal, we all do that so we don’t judge. On the other hand, when it comes to historical and social events, it poses a little more problem because it can concern more people than a simple vase broken in the evening that we hastened to put in the trash. . So let’s see some more specific examples together and you’ll see that it’s super nice.

1. FIFA President Gianni Infantino’s sentence on migrant workers

FIFA President Gianni Infantino, who came back to the case of the migrant workers who are building the stadiums for the World Cup in Qatar, declared that “When you give someone work, even in difficult conditions, you give them dignity and pride. »

Only small problem: there would already be more than 6500 dead workers during the construction of the stadiums, which does not pass too much, but we did not talk about it much because football sells TVs. It doesn’t matter, as long as there are more people in the stadium in the end than in the cemetery next door, it will already be won.

2. The list of rich people who went to Jeffrey Epstein’s island to have orgies (and rapes)

If we talked about the suspicious death of Jeffrey Epstein, we didn’t really look for the rich and influential people who accompanied him to his island for a vacation. As a reminder, this paradise island had been the scene of rape, sexual assault and forced prostitution for several years and dozens of women had filed complaints, many of whom were minors. But at the trial almost no name came out while shortly before that of Prince Andrew had been given by a victim. But hey, there’s been no follow-up on the case of the island that is nicknamed “island of pedophiles” or “island of rape” in the United States for the moment.

3. The 12 billion euros given by the French State to Air France during the covid crisis

Strange affair, when in 2020 the French State gave 7 billion euros to Air France, a privatized company then handed over nearly 5 billion in 2021 to the same company. All that was to make up for the losses linked to covid obviously, but almost 12 billion for a privatized company, you will admit that it’s funny when at the same time we tell caregivers that there are not enough money to hire reinforcements, to young people to go and queue to eat and to teachers that there is no more money to work in suitable conditions.

4. Les Pandora Papers

A scandal against a background of tax evasion which demonstrates that a few years after the Panama Papers we can still discover that 11,300 billion dollars are in offshore accounts. Money that does not belong to just anyone since we are talking about important billionaires and even leaders of certain countries. We talked about it for a week at most and the newspapers became calm on the subject. Better to do six weeks of media coverage on the slap of the Oscars, it attracts more clicks.

5. The fact that we lost several atomic bombs

We told you about it with the things to know about atomic bombs, there are more than fifty atomic bombs lost in nature and nobody talks about it. They are mainly American and Russian and would have fallen from various planes, would have been lost during transport and a good number would be at the bottom of the oceans. Not very reassuring.

6. The Disappearance of Shelly Miscavige, Scientology’s First Lady

This woman married to the great manitou of the Church of Scientology in the United States mysteriously disappeared in 2007 after the burial of her father. The thing is that several complaints for disappearance were filed and a police investigation took place and was even closed. According to the police, she “would have been found” but no one has seen her publicly since. A story often unearthed, but just as quickly pushed under the rug because sometimes it’s better not to stir shit up.

7. The whole history of the Radium Girls

A working-class scandal, sacrificed women and bosses who were full of searches, horrible illnesses and women who died before they were 30, a trial slowed down by society to wait for employees to die… This is the frightful scandal of the Radium Girls which has often been passed over in silence because it stains the white sheet of the American dream.

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