Top 7 foods that come from far away and we don’t know it

Sorry if you were having a good day, but I came to upset your certainties. To change your view of the world. To turn the chiboulot over to you before putting it back the right way round. Because every day you think you’re eating good French stuff, but in fact you’re wrong. These things make you believe that they are French when they often come from far, even very far. Green level and all, it’s not great. And I don’t like when it’s not great.

1. Mustard

Do you think mustard comes from Dijon? Well no, she often comes from Canada. Bam, in your face. That’s why we have less mustard right now: it’s too hot in Canada and the crops are bad. It’s beautiful globalization and global warming.

Credits photo (CC BY-SA 3.0) : No machine-readable author provided. Rainer Zenz assumed (based on copyright claims).

2. Pickles

French, the pickles you buy at the supermarket? Mhhhhhhhhh NOT AT ALL. Indians, even Chinese. That’s far huh?

3. Button mushrooms

70% of the world production of button mushrooms comes from China. It’s funny, for something called “champignon DE PARIS”. Makes me want to grab a chair and throw it out the window.

4. Green beans

In France, we produce a lot of green beans, but most of those found in cans come from Morocco, Kenya, Madagascar, Senegal and Egypt. In other words, not the door next door, nor that of the neighbors above. We are rather at the end of the street.

5. The quinoa

Did you imagine that we produced quinoa just about everywhere? You were wrong. He comes mainly from Bolivia, Peru and the States (otherwise called “United States” by those who don’t like fun.)

6. Honey

Only a quarter of the honey found in France is produced in our regions. The rest comes mainly from China, Spain, Ukraine or Germany, and it is generally less good. Ok I haven’t tasted them all, but it’s well known.

7. Tomato

Well, you probably know that, but a good part of our tomatoes come from abroad, namely Italy and Spain, which is already a bit scary. But the worst part is that the tomatoes in our processed products (like ketchup or industrial sauces) very often come from China. It sucks even more.

8. (Bonus) Crow Meat

Because she comes from afar.

Always more surprises with this top false friends foods that seem good for you but are not good for you ohlalala but this day is crazy.

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