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Top 7 countries that have lost in the game of cutting borders

Life is unfair, no need to bring more evidence to this statement than by reminding yourself that your crush is dating someone other than you. In terms of geography it’s exactly the same (not the best sequence to get to the subject of the top, I grant you that), there were completely arbitrary border lines, look at the map and the history of Africa by example. As the scandalous division of the African continent would rather deserve a thesis, we will today be content to speak of the other corners of the world which have been inflated by the game of borders.

1. Bosnia and Herzegovina

After the break-up of Yugoslavia, several territories gained their independence: Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. But in history we can quickly see that Bosnia and Herzegovina was not really entitled to much coast since there is barely a small piece of sea landlocked in the whole Croatian coast. In addition it is the coast where it stinks a little of the spray.

2. Sweden

Do you see the whole coast in the North of Sweden? It’s in Norway, a magnificent country, full of money and in which there are reindeer, a noble animal. Sweden is therefore inflating this beautiful icy coast, for the benefit of a country richer than it. After that, there’s not much to give a damn about this part of the coast.

3. Finland

In the same spirit as Sweden, Finland is also having its northern coasts stolen by Norway, but also by Russia, which definitely doesn’t bother to change the borders of other countries. Too bad for the Finns, this proud and touchy people who like to eat oatmeal and dried meat.

4. Laos

When you live in Laos you can’t go to the beach for the simple and good reason that all the coasts have been nibbled by Vietnam and Cambodia, enough to drive a little rage among the Laotians who nevertheless remain extremely calm in the face of this flight.

5. Chile

Chile is the opposite effect of the other countries in this top, for once the country has a huge majority of coast since in fact it’s just a huge coast. Look at me how thin this country is, they were clearly ripped off by Argentina and they say nothing more, hence the expression “calm as a Chilean”.

6. Wallonia (yes I know, it’s not a country)

Want to see how Wallonia got screwed over by Flanders? Not only by being robbed of the northern beaches but also by recovering the border section with Germany. And despite that, the Walloons remain the best people in Europe, they are so nice and cool.

7. Belgium (Chooz nuclear power plant)

Basically, it was a Franco-Belgian project for a nuclear plant built in France, except that if you look closely it is clearly placed in an enclave on the Belgian border, a nice middle finger that is not too much to our most stylish neighbors, but we’re French, so people know we’re bastards.

Picture credits: Wikipedia
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