Top 6 countries not invited to Elizabeth II’s funeral

The world has only been talking about this for ten days: Queen Elizabeth II is dead. This Monday, September 19, 2022, is the big day: the funeral. All Britons are dressed in black, journalists are on site by the thousands, and heads of state or their representatives from all over the world make the trip. Finally, all the countries, with a few exceptions… They are 6 not to have been invited. Hard blow. Same feeling when no one wanted you on their elementary school football team. It hurts, as Christophe Maé sings so well.

1. Russia

But honestly, did we really want to see Putin or his representative among all the heads of state on the planet (almost)? Bouarf… Not sure, huh!

2. Belarus

Perhaps we could explain this by the fact that its leader, Alexander Lukashenko, is a dictator, not really very friendly with England? Perhaps.

3. The Venezuelan

As the saying goes, no diplomatic relations, no funerals. Hard.

4. L’Afghanistan

Inevitably, it is difficult to invite a head of state or representative when the country has fallen into the hands of the Taliban. Clearly, it would be sad to invite to the funeral of a queen such as Elizabeth II, sovereign who broke the codes and moved the old macho traditions in favor of women, people who took away all of their rights from women.

5. Burma

Same problem here. The former British colony fell to the military in February 2021, following a coup, overthrowing the civilian government of Aung San Suu Kyi and the country’s fragile democratic transition.

6. Syria

Here too, no diplomatic relations, no guest cards! Syria-blocking (Do you have it? No? “It’s blocking”. Ok, not phew. I admit.)

7. Bonus: North Korea, Iran and Nicaragua, invited, but not too much either

The three countries were invited to the ceremony, but not their heads of state. Exactly the same feeling when you’re invited to your cousin Catherine’s wedding, but only for the reception. Do not mess around either, she tolerates you, but not to the point of paying you the evening food.

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