Top 5 movies and shows to watch on Friendship Day

Top 5 movies and shows to watch on Friendship Day

Written by Kshitij Rawat
| New Delhi

Updated: August 2, 2020 10:18:13 AM

Friendship day, friendship day, happy friendship day, Here are some film and TV shows to watch on Friendship Day. (Photo: Warner Bros. / Pixar / Netflix)

Movies and TV shows are said to be a reflection of society. But they also show a mirror to our bonds. The idea of ​​most of us comes from imagination. Some films and shows are able to make the meaning of friendship come true. Here we list five such films and series that you can watch to celebrate this special day.


The Shawshank Redemption

A tale of hope, freedom and perseverance, Shashank Redemption would not have had the same effect if it had not been for the friendship of Red and Andy at its core. In the harsh life that prisoners lead, friendship can be a huge consolation. Andy and Red couldn’t be more different. And yet, they become fast friends almost immediately. Andy hides the tunnel’s secret from Red, but Red doesn’t consider it a betrayal. He knows that Andy has given up the way to cash in on him as well.

The Lord of the Rings

The discovery of destroying the One Ring in The Ring of the Rings trilogy is taken by Frodo, a hobbit, one of the most physically vulnerable species of humans on Middle-earth. And yet it is the one who wins the war against the Dark Lord Sauron. It is he who carries the object that remains heavy on his chest throughout the journey. But he couldn’t do it without his trusted friend, Hardy Samje Gamgee, who got him out of every fix Frodo had, as Frodo says at one point, “Frodo wouldn’t have gotten without Sam.”

Toy story 3

Only in Pixar films can a friendship be between a toy and a human and it can seem real. There is a reason why Toy Story films are considered so iconic. And no, not because they have top notch animation. This is due to the emotional origins of those films, the relationship between Toys and Andy, their owners, who don’t even know they’re passionate.

TV show:

Strange things

Weird things season 3 A promo image from Stranger Things Season 3. (Photo: Netflix)

Netflix’s adventure fantasy TV show follows a missing child, in which he and his best friend, along with a jaded cop Jim Hopper played by David Harbor, lead the cast. The acting is stellar, especially by children who are aided in their search for a friend, a mysterious little girl called Eleven. There were a lot of scary references to the 80s that should please classic horror fans.

Legends of tomorrow

If DC films are accused of taking everything seriously, Legends of Tomorrow is based on DC comics, which cannot be taken seriously as a whole. This comic-book series is crazy and delicately funny.

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