Top 30 tweets that made us laugh this week #451

Hi my little strawberry flavored yogurts. I hope you’re enjoying this long weekend and that you’re taking the opportunity to read all the tops you’ve missed in the last few months, because otherwise, we’re not going to be friends. Here is a last obligatory reading which should nevertheless bring a lot of happiness even if it is not yet Jeannou who delivers it to you (she took a leave of absence to eat mashed potatoes at Flunch). Good top tweets and love each other.

Monday August 8

1. Calm down

2. Harry Styles when the watermelon sugar is low

3. Can we have a summary of previous episodes please

4. Desire to have kids: -125

Tuesday August 9

5. The soft part on the head of the babies is to plant the straw of the bubble tea

6. It’s surreal for me right now

Wednesday August 10

8. Every morning I wake up and it’s too hot *Crying*

9. But swear??

10. 2023 is four months away and I’m still digesting 2019

11. I’m forever loyal to the password I created when I was 13

Thursday August 11

13. Me working on my homework

14. When we send you TikToks to watch, it’s like friendship homework

15. How do you manage to take 15-30 minute naps, mine are like 3-5 hours?

16. Gonna have to stop this right now

Friday August 12

17. Cheh

19. Nothing Personal, Duke of Anjou

20. My friends and our friends listening to the laser tag employee give us instructions

Saturday August 13

21. Student life what more??

22. Ciao Colleagues

Sunday August 14

23. Surely a Scorpio to hold a grudge like that

24. Excess

25. Why does the sun bear look like a human wearing a bear costume?

26. He got his teeth into something

27. When the project is not ready but the client wants a demo

28. Where to register?

29. Better than all the legs in the air

30. Can we register people in their place, like the Balkany?

Give in comment a note to this top tweets whose result is a multiple of 5, divisible by 40 and which contains two figures higher than the department of Loire-Atlantique.

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