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Top 25 of the biggest pastry failures, the real nightmares in the kitchen

We’ve all baked a cake and thought we were going to have a blast because it looks super easy on TV and there’s no reason we need to buy utensils at 50 balls to make a chocolate mystery with smoked caramel emulsion or smack 35 balls in a bakery for a pastry flan. But reality quickly caught up with us, reminding us of the sad truth that defines our dull and failed life: we miss everything we do and each time we take our whole family to the emergency room because yes, it’s was a bad idea to make oyster turnovers and flame cook them, resulting in one of the ugliest cakes in the world.

1. Failed buns that give bodybuilder bears

2. The dough that has become alive and wants to feed on everything it finds in the fridge

3. Good bread that looks a little too much like an old ass

4. How to traumatize kids during a tea party: make them ashtray cookies

5. What worse way to celebrate your 50th birthday?

6. Just to clear up your doubts, it was originally supposed to be croissants

7. If the oven is hot enough the glass may eventually become edible. Maybe. Must check.

8. He just invented the steamer cake and he still doesn’t know it.

9. Almost certain that the cakes can be heard whispering “finish me”

10. If it’s Baby Yoda it’s missed, but if it’s a gremlins we’re not bad

11. The absence of yeast, so that was the secret of the TUC

12. Honestly… Even though I saw the guy cooking and was pretty sure it was frosting I’m not going…

13. If you zoom in enough you could swear it’s the bottom of a canal during a drought.

14. Even a fox won’t try to hunt these rabbits, they are the source of all nightmares

15. It “looks like” a big cat’s tongue. But it’s probably worse

16. Cookies not very famous but which can be used to study the geology of volcanoes during SVT

18. My technique to catch the trick: serve only the successful half, throw the other in the ocean

19. “If your cake looks like a cheddar croque monsieur, that’s a bad sign.” Ferdinand Pâtissier, creator of pastry

20. The real and famous vomit flan, the other Cantal specialty

21. It’s not accidental, what did he put in during or after cooking? I’m afraid to know

22. A chocolate casserole, it can become a new recipe invented by accident like tarte tatin

23. He cooked it in the back of the rally car, hence the inimitable look

24. Sorry to drop so low in the comments but no messing around, this looks like sore shit

25. It’s not to try to defend it but in the gingerbread house it’s a witch who lives, so we find the theme of horror

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