Top 25+ Best Reactions To Will Smith’s Oscar Slap, Calm Down Sir

Hello to all my brave fans of cinema, slaps, memes and actors a little on edge. You probably saw it when you got up this morning, the Oscars were the scene of various events that nobody royally cares about since Will Smith slapped Chris Rock, which completely overshadowed everything else. We invite you to see some of the best memes on this moment at the top of the embarrassing, just to start the week quietly.

1. Grandpa’s Digestive Slap

2. The truth about 30s.

3. Too fast graphic designers

5. “Will Smith’s Publicist Right Now”

6. The drama was even more beautiful in this film

7. “Everyone around Will Smith after he sits down.”

8. “Don’t talk about my wife.”

9. “On a scale of 1 to Nicole Kidman, how do you feel?”

10. “It wasn’t prepared. Chris Rock is not such a good actor.”

11. They insist too much, it becomes pressing.

12. “Everyone coming to Twitter to confirm Will Smith slapped Chris Rock.”

13. “Will Smith on his Instagram the day after the ceremony.”

14. The new season of the series is not phew.

15. Me trying to enjoy the weekend / Monday.

16. Will Smith when someone sleeps with his wife / Will Smith when someone pranks his wife.

17. “Honey, Will Smith just slapped Chris Rock and won the Oscar, damn that’s as crazy as it gets in the multiverse.”

18. “People who sat next to Will Smith and laughed at the joke.”

19. “Will Smith’s lawyer watching the Oscars.”

20. Lupita sitting next to Will Smith

21. The real reaction of Lupita Nyong’o who is still worth its weight in peanuts

22. “Love makes you do crazy things.”

24. Family meals during an election period

25. Not better.

26. Send him there so we can fix this quickly.

And you, what were you doing last night?

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