Top 22 of Balenciaga’s weirdest creations, the worst in luxury

There are brands that don’t give a damn about us sometimes. And then there’s Balenciaga, who doesn’t give a damn about us, but all the time. If you are very rich and want to acquire one of those absurd things that only the rich can afford, this shopping selection is for you. If not, you can still stay and intensely despise this brand of jerks.

1. The dragon shirt at 1400 balls to feel handsome but rich

Les Tuches collection.

2. A $995 paper bag

I hope it’s just single use.

3. Fangs that spin diarrhea

It’s uncomfortable, it’s ugly, it’s expensive: it’s Balenciaga.

4. Piss effect shoes from iench

Extra charge of 150 balls for a sample of the extra smell.

5. A t-shirt/shirt hybrid at 950 euros

Handy when you haven’t really decided what your mood is yet.

6. This gerbos duvet bag

I’ve seen less ridiculous Franprix plastic bags.

7. The 350 bullet safety pin earrings

Can’t wait to discover their collection of rusty iron jewelry to catch tetanus while being cool

8. The Tati bag that costs the price of an entire store

9. Survivooor atmosphere lousy shoes

The advantage is that they survive much more bad weather.

10. This Ikea bag intended for rich people devoid of neurons

We don’t think about them often enough.

11. Mankind’s worst creation since the invention of Nespresso capsules

I assure you, it also exists in yellow.

12. Heeled sneakers

Why stops on such a good path?

13. This really pretty and accessible sculpture

All it takes is a bit of good taste and a good A booklet for it to be within your reach.

14. This car air freshener keychain

Ah yes it’s 200 balls but after that it smells good. Well I think. They would be damned to sell us something that stinks.

15. These $395 killer sandals

Frankly it’s okay, it’s less than the RSA so it’s accessible.

16. This unlikely mix of shoes and socks

We no longer know where to turn.

17. This jacket for luxury road safety

2,990 euros per parka. I hope you bought your car used.

18. Sweaters with holes to live in the shoes of a poor man at a golden price

Can’t wait for them to sell dirty clothes dragged in the sewers for 1500 bucks.

19. These mules for mush toes

20. The anti-Covid mask

115 euros to protect, sorry for the little but it’s not expensive paid.

22. And with all that bullshit, here’s where it takes us…

Poor Kim K. victim of a totally inconsistent mark. Someone warn her!

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