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Top 20 worst friends in history, we would not like to know them

There are lots of ways to lose a friend, and you’ve probably experienced it once or twice in your life. So you may feel like your ex-friends were Earth’s worst friends, the ones you wouldn’t even introduce to your worst enemy, but know that there’s always worse than what you believe to be the worst ( I like to write a lot as you can see). It is for this reason that I present to you today the worst friends in history. If you think yours are even worse, tell us what ugly thing they did in the comments.

1. His friend broke a piece of million-year-old amber he brought from Australia.

2. His friend put strawberries on his pizza, it’s despicable.

3. He moved into a new house, and his friend had him deliver a package “containing a butt” in his name to his new neighbors

4. His friend always leaves a huge mess when he comes to his house and doesn’t want to put anything away.

5. His friend rearranged his keyboard keys.

6. His friend broke his VR headset controller

7. His friend opens the candy packets like this (it’s criminal)

8. His friend behaves like a pig as soon as he invites him for a ride in his car

9. He petted his friend’s dog and realized he hadn’t been bathed in 6 years.

10. His friend eats peanut butter pasta (dressing is to be reviewed)

11. His friend did this sleazy thing of sending loads of messages and deleting them before you can read them.

12. His friend is probably a serial killer (I can’t think of any other explanation)

13. Her friend eats the ice cream with a knife.

14. His friend simply stole his shirt which he was looking for everywhere.

15. His friend is not at all sympathetic to his other friend who lost his grandmother.

“I mean it’s just someone, it’s not like I know that person so that’s why I would give a damn?” Sorry for the loss, but like it’s just someone. »

16. His friend borrowed his brand new box cutter and returned it all rusty.

17. His friend is tidying up his cupboards like this (WHY????)

18. He let his friend cut his hair…

19. That’s his friend’s gas stove, who’s probably in jail right now.

20. His friend has over 4000 email notifications on his phone home screen. Hell.

Now send this to your real homies so they know what to expect.

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