Top 20 tweets that will resonate with people who have siblings

Recognizing an only child is simple. He didn’t evolve the same way as those who had to survive in a hostile environment made up of siblings willing to do anything to get better than their own siblings. Because yes, life is completely different when our parents have decided to have several kids. Siblings build character, and they also give us some weird reflexes that will stay with us until we die. These tweets will tell you about it better than me (plus my fingers are sore so it suits me).

1. When you measured everything to the nearest tenth of a millimeter so that there would be no jealousy

2. The magic button

“The siblings really know how to unlock a bonus level of anger in you”

3. Small shower in the dark

“Having a bathroom switch outside the bathroom and a sibling is a BAD combination”

4. Benevolence and tolerance are two words that do not exist in siblings

“Brother or sister: *Breathe*

Me: Get out of my room if you’ve decided to make noise”

5. This kind of gratuitous violence

Growing up with siblings:

_ ” Come here “

_ ” Why? »

_ ” Come here… “

_ ” Nope. You are going to hit me”

6. As long as the limit is not crossed…

Me: Get out of my room

Sibling: I’m not in your room

7. Rule number 1: the eldest is always player one

“I had a big brother who never let me be player 1 in Super Mario so I was always Luigi. Now I’m always Luigi rather than Mario. »

8. Take advantage of it

“If you get random compliments from your siblings, just know that you look really good for real. »

9. Or this is the explanation:

“The siblings don’t know how to compliment you, if they say you’re pretty they just want to know where you’re hanging out”

10. No need for money between siblings

“Someone: Would you smack your brother for $1.5 million?

Me: I would do it for two slices of pizza and a nice cold drink. »

11. New meal, we take back the measuring tools

12. This truth should be enshrined in the constitution

“If your sibling never told you you were adopted, then you were definitely adopted”

13. It’s even a legal obligation when you have little brothers and sisters

“If you never told your little brother he was adopted, then you don’t deserve the order you were born in”

14. Siblings It’s A Constant Show Never Disappointing

“My brothers had a fight once and it happened like this

Alex: “Everything that comes out of your mouth is stupid! »

Mike : « Alex. »

To this day, I still laugh out loud in inappropriate contexts because I think about them randomly. »

15. It remains a mystery to me

“What do people without siblings do when they want to piss someone off for no good reason? »

16. At home, it was the chocolate Danettes that went first

“Sometimes I eat stuff from the fridge not because I’m hungry, but because I’m afraid my siblings will eat it before me”

17. When you’re the youngest, you don’t know if you’re a king or just if we don’t care about you

Parent curfew with each child:

1st child: “be home at 10 o’clock!” »

2nd child: “Okay, you can stay outside until midnight”

3rd child: “As long as I see you within 3-5 business days, honestly I don’t care what time you get home”

18. It’s just a matter of priorities

“Relations between brothers and sisters are so weird, I can give him my kidney, but I will never let him use my headphones. »

19. A way to keep in touch like any other

“Sibling culture is not talking to each other for a while, then texting him saying ‘it’s you’ with a picture of an ugly bird you found on the internet”

20. Siblings Is Till Death

I just heard my 54 year old dad say to my 58 year old aunt ‘don’t tell mum’

So apparently it’s a lifelong thing.

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